This Shopper-Loved Rose Quartz Roller Is Only $14 Right Now

This Shopper-Loved Rose Quartz Roller Is Only $14 Right Now


Skincare rollers have become popular Stateside over the past few years (see: Jessica Alba using one on her Instagram), but they've been around since the 17th century when they first emerged onto the scene in China, as Nicole Caroline, a licensed master esthetician, previously told InStyle. "Facial rolling with precious gemstones such as jade and rose quartz was used by the wealthy and elite, and they believed the stones held beneficial healing and anti-aging powers," she said.

Today, they're widely available, so it can be difficult to narrow down the volume of rollers out there. But more than 800 five-star ratings on Amazon point to a winner in the Sdara Rose Quartz Roller, an ultra-smooth gem roller that promises to reduce puffiness, tighten pores, and refresh skin. This one in particular uses natural rose quartz to promote "a naturally rosy luminosity," according to the brand. To best achieve this, the rose quartz roller comes with an instructional guide to rolling with tips on which directions to use the tool on different parts of the face. 

Before using a facial roller, Caroline advises cleansing your skin, then applying a hydrating facial serum followed by an oil to help the roller glide more easily. Using the roller on top of these products also helps them better absorb into your skin — a dermatological win-win. Start with the smaller side of the roller, and, from the inner part of your cheek just under your eye, work your way out and up towards the temple. "Make sure to do this three times on each side," Caroline says. Use the larger side on the bottom half of your face starting from the center and moving outward again. "Continue with three outward sweeping motions, till you feel the tension in your face start to release," she says. Then, you'll want to move on to your neck and forehead — and don't forget to clean the roller before putting it away. 

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Shoppers who chose the Sdara Rose Quartz Roller loved that it came with instructions and that it made a visible difference in the look and feel of their skin. One even got the added bonus of pain relief, too. 

"This is great," one reviewer writes. "I roll it all over my face, and it comes with a little diagram showing you which directions to roll it to make the best impact on your skin. I especially liked that it felt like it relaxed the muscles in my face, relieving the stress lines and also providing some relief to my migraine headache, acting as a massager. It is awesome. I am considering putting it in the fridge every day because the cold feeling provides relief to the puffiness in my face."

And for anyone concerned that the super affordable price point means a cheaply made product, the Sdara roller is the "real deal," according to one shopper who has seemingly tried out other brands before coming across this one. 

"I was worried that [these rollers] would be low quality, but these are the best I've ever tried," they write in their review. "Sturdy, heavy, looks great and rolls nicely! A+."

Start rolling your way to better circulation and more radiant skin with the Sdara Rose Quartz Roller — just make sure to order it before Sunday while it's still on sale.

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