Woman orders bodycon dress online, gets one that looks 'like a pink bin bag'

Woman orders bodycon dress online, gets one that looks 'like a pink bin bag'


We do love an online shopping fail, whether it’s a set of drawers that turns out to be absolutely tiny or a ‘piece of paper with sleeves’ masquerading as a furry designer coat.

This time in online buys gone wrong, we have what was meant to be a bodycon dress turning up looking like a massive pink bin bag.

Lauren Thompson, 18, from Leeds, ordered a £25 PU bodycon dress in baby pink from PrettyLittleThing, hoping to wear it for a Barbie-themed birthday party this Saturday.

When the dress arrived in the post Lauren couldn’t help laughing as she tried on the dress – rather than fitting like a glove, it hung away from her body and looked, well, pretty silly.

Lauren shared photos of her outfit online, where they were flooded with likes and replies from people laughing at her misfortune and comparing the dress to one of those big blue bags from Ikea.

The disappointed student said: ‘I bought a size bigger because it looked so tight. I’m usually a 10 so I got a 12.

‘I thought to myself “this is going to look good, it’ll look quality”.

‘I’m going to a Barbie-themed party so it would have been the ideal dress.

‘When I opened it, it just looked like a clear bit of plastic and I thought no way is that a dress but thought it was just the material.

‘For some reason I couldn’t zip it up, there was a 15cm gap between each side but also the dress was just massive.’

Thankfully Lauren wasn’t too upset with her order, instead finding the whole thing hilarious.

She even admitted the incident won’t stop her from buying bits from PrettyLittleThing in the future.

‘Luckily I’d ordered it in plenty of time to get something else,’ she said.

‘If I’d left it until the day before I’d have had to rush to the shops and go mad trying to find something in time.

‘I put it in the group chat and all my friends were howling.

‘It was worth it because it’s so funny and I can’t believe how mental it’s gone on social media.

‘It’s just hilarious and it won’t stop me from shopping there, I love PrettyLittleThing.’

PrettyLittleThing has been contacted for comment and we’ll update this article if we hear back.

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