Woman shares fake tan hack for getting rid of lines but gets absolutely savaged for her ‘green’ skin fail

Woman shares fake tan hack for getting rid of lines but gets absolutely savaged for her ‘green’ skin fail


A WOMAN has been savaged online after sharing her quick and easy hack for removing obvious fake tan lines.

After wearing gloves while applying her self-tan, the fake tan lover shared a how-to video when it comes to blending in the colour to the rest of the hand to avoid dodgy lines.

However, she found herself being mocked online by fellow beauty lovers as they questioned her technique and were quick to point out her skin looked 'green' rather than the bronzed glow she was after.

TikTok user @hondroutwins, whose page has become known for its self-tanning tips, shared how to get rid of glove lines while fake tanning for their latest video.

After removing their tanning glove, the woman was left with an obvious white hand and revealed how she uses her tan to blend it into the rest of her arm.

Squirting a huge dollop of tanning mousse onto the back of her hand, she was heard saying in her video: "How to get rid of those glove lines… so, after taking my glove off I've rubbed in the line a little bit there as you can see.

"All you do is just put the fake tan on your hand, rub it in, rub it in, remember to make that claw hand shape."

Demonstrating her technique, she added: "Rub it into the sides and on that line area again and you should be good."

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Although, her hack – which has been viewed over 234k times online – was slightly overshadowed by people commenting on the fact the tan the woman was using was 'out of date'.

Hundreds of viewers commented on her post, pointing out that the colour of her skin after tanning looked 'green'.

'Your tan looks out of date it is green,' posted one person, while another said: "Whys it green from what I know its not suppose to be green (sic)."

A third teased: "Step one make it not look green."

One more tagged their friend who suffered a similar tanning fail, as they added: 'remember ur gone off green tan HAHAHA (sic)."


Others couldn't get their head around the woman's technique of using her bare hands to rub in the tan.

"omg no imagine," said one person, as another quizzed: "But now it's on the palm of your other hand?"

Reacting to the video and sharing their own advice, one person posted: "Absolutely not. Your hands be orange AF!!! Take makeup brush and blend it down ur welcome (sic)."

Agreeing, one more said: "Two words make-up brush. Works like a charm."

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