You’re putting on your pillowcases all wrong – this way makes them feel like hotel pillows instead of being baggy

You’re putting on your pillowcases all wrong – this way makes them feel like hotel pillows instead of being baggy


GETTING your bedding perfect can be the key to a good nights sleep.

But do you know how to make your pillows look hotel-worthy?

The Tiktok which has over 16 million views shares how to keep the pillowcases tight on your pillows and just might change your bed-making routine forever.

Kaylie, a tidy business coach, from Orange County, California, shares her cleaning tips with her 756.1k followers on Tiktok.

She says: "If you're a housekeeper don't leave your clients pillows like this."


As she showed a pillow with a pillowcase that had extra fabric hanging off it, making it look 'baggy'.

"Take that extra piece of pillowcase and stuff it inside of the pillowcase, pull it tightly on the sides and there you have it.

A perfectly rectangle pillow." Kaylie explained.

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Lots of her fans loved the tip, hailing it as "Genius" and saying: "How on earth did I not know this. Thanks so much."

While a few joked that they were their own housekeeper, saying: "Oh! My client (husband/son) will be so impressed with my new learned skill! and another continued the joke, saying: "My housekeeper (me) taking notes."

Some international fans weighed in on the tip as they observed: "Wait…your cases don’t have a ‘pocket’ sewn in? In Australia all our pillow cases have a ‘pocket’ sewn in to one side of the opening."

"In the UK, you can also buy them in different sizes so you don't get the overhang in the first place." Said another.

"In the US, some do some don't. I have found that the more decorative ones have the pocket sewn in whereas the one that goes with the sheet set does not." An American fan explained.

"They all do here though, even the cheapest cases have them," said a fan in Australia.

A commenters own solution shocked others, as they admitted: "I’ve just been wrapping it in a hair tie like a ponytail."

A real housekeeper even weighed in, saying: "I was a housekeeper per at a hotel for 2 yrs and I always did that and to this day I still do it at home."

"Why is your pillow case longer than your pillow? And doesn’t it have pocket to put your pillow in? I’m so confused," wrote another as debate on pillow case sizes went on in the comments.

A fan in Europe was confused by the lack of sewn in pocket on the pillowcase, saying: "Thought everyone already does this for this kind of pillow cases. in Europe we usually have "pockets" in pillow cases."

While another couldn't hold off from practicing the hack and admitted they: "Just ripped my pillow out from under my head to do this! Thank you!"

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