You've been cleaning your bathroom all wrong – five tips everyone should know

You've been cleaning your bathroom all wrong – five tips everyone should know


KEEPING a bathroom consistently clean can be a difficult task – but it doesn’t need to be.

Here are five expert-recommended cleaning tips and tricks everyone should know.


The toilet is often the center of attention in a bathroom, so it deserves special sanitization.

Lifestyle guru Jamie Michelle shared on her TikTok exactly how she cleans her toilet in an effort to make the whole process a bit more efficient. 

Her trick? Get rid of the dust and other particles on its surface prior to picking up your usual cleaner. 

“Swiffer your toilet before you go in with a liquid cleaner,” she suggested as she dusted her toilet with a Swiffer.

“This way you get all that hair and dust before you start rubbing it around with a wet rag.”

She noted that while cleaning the toilet is never a fun job, this hack made it more enjoyable for her.

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There’s a lot of moisture in and around toilets, making them an optimal location for black mold to grow.

However, a woman who calls herself the “Clean Snob” online claimed she knows how to prevent it from growing once and for all with only three items: vinegar, duct tape, and a rag.

First, she said to disconnect the water valve on the toilet and flush it to remove all water from its tank and bowl.

Next, dry the entire toilet with a rag.

Then, line the inside rim of the toilet where water enters the bowl with duct tape.  

“It’ll stick good as long as there’s no water,” she noted.

“Cover all the holes, making sure it’s nice and secure.”  

Finally, she advised followers to pour an entire jug of white distilled vinegar into the tank of the toilet and flush it.

The vinegar then cleans any place where water flows in the toilet before it reaches the bowl.

The duct tape prevents the vinegar from reaching the bowl to help it sanitize longer.

The Clean Snob suggested waiting a full 24 hours before letting the vinegar flush through the entire toilet, but that may need to be altered if it’s the only toilet in your house. 


Vinegar isn’t just ideal for disinfecting a toilet – it can be used to help remove urine smells from any bathroom.

A mother revealed her housekeeper taught her she can keep her bathroom smelling fresh with just white distilled vinegar and water.

She added that the trick is a life-saver “if you have men or boys in your house.” 

“Fill a spray bottle with one part vinegar, one part warm water,” she stated.

“No other cleaner gets the pee-pee smell better – especially on the floor,” she raved as she sprayed the cleaner on and around the toilet.


There’s no need to use harsh chemicals to make your bathroom mirrors shine like they never had toothpaste splatters and hard water stains on them in the first place.

Cleaning expert and owner of Clean My Space Melissa Maker said you only need two super affordable items to get the job done: baking soda and a microfiber cloth.

She claimed baking soda is best for removing any gunk or residue from the surface of mirrors.

All you need to do is dampen the cloth, add about a teaspoon of baking soda to it, and then wipe the surface in an “S pattern.”

Then, wipe the mirror with a clean cloth to make it look as good as new.


People may not expect bath mats to be super dirty, but according to professional cleaner Bailey Carson in an interview with Insider, bath mats don’t just collect dirt – they grow mold. 

“After every shower we step out onto our bath mat, allowing it to soak in any excess water or soap that might be dripping,” he explained.

“While this prevents our floors from getting damp, the reoccurring buildup of water when left untreated can lead to mold growth.”

Luckily, there’s an easy fix.

Fabric bath mats can be hand-scrubbed or thrown in the wash.

For plastic or rubber ones that utilize suction cups, Carson suggested soaking them in a diluted bleach solution and then scrubbing them.

“Put the mat in your tub or large sink with the suction cups facing upward, rinse in hydrogen peroxide or a heavily diluted bleach solution for a few hours, then scrub with a bristle brush,” he instructed.

If you’re curious about more ways to clean your bathroom to ensure prime cleanliness, there are a myriad of tips and tricks available. 

For instance, one woman shared her “lime power ball” recipe meant to keep anything with running water clean in between normally scheduled cleanses.

If you don’t have too much time to dedicate to the bathroom, a cleaning expert revealed how to get it sparkling in just 10 minutes.

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