You’ve been straightening your hair wrong and this is why you NEED to use hairspray to keep your locks straight

You’ve been straightening your hair wrong and this is why you NEED to use hairspray to keep your locks straight


WHILE many of us will reach for the hairspray after we’ve curled our hair to keep the curls in place, it turns out that in order to keep your hair straight, hairspray is the secret weapon.

The majority of us that straighten our hair will whip out the straighteners and then finish off with some hair oil or a serum (at most).

But one TikTok user has revealed that in order to get sleek hair, you need to use hairspray.

Kaylen Violet Jones posted her hair hack to TikTok and we can’t believe we never thought of using her method before.

In Kaylen’s video she includes the question: “Why do you hairspray your hair after straightening it?” to which she uses an audio that says: “The girls that get it, get it and the girls that don’t don’t. Obviously you don’t get it because you’re not that girl.” 

At the time of writing, the video had only been posted to TikTok for 2 days, but had already racked up a whopping 3.7million views. 

The video has 539.8k likes, 8,261 comments and 6,792 shares. 

Many TikTok users were shocked at this hack and couldn’t believe that they had never thought of doing it before. 

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One person said: “I’ve never thought of this before whattt.” 

Another added: “THIS IS GENIUS THANKS.” 

A third commented: “Why have I never thought of this.” 

There were some TikTok users that swear by this hack and they took to the comments to express this.

One user commented: “I do it all the time.” 

Another said: “I’ve been doing this for years my hair literally won’t stay straight if I don’t.” 

A third added: “I did it once and my hair stayed straight the whole day.” 


However, there were some people that were shocked that using hairspray when straightening hair is not a widely-known thing.

One user said: “Wait – there are people who DON’T do this?!” 

Another added: “How have hardly any of you thought of this…” 

A third commented: “I thought this was a common thing.”

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Also, you’ve been putting your hair up wrong – it’s causing serious damage and could be why you’re getting headaches.

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