You’ve been wrapping your Christmas presents all wrong… here's how to fix common mistakes like wrapping a wine bottle

You’ve been wrapping your Christmas presents all wrong… here's how to fix common mistakes like wrapping a wine bottle


WE ARE JUST days away from Christmas, which means people up and down the country are in the midst of panic wrapping their presents.

Bus as we all know, leaving things to the last minute can bring up more issues along the way, like running out of wrapping paper.

But thankfully, one organised mum on Instagram has us covered.

Lindsay Roggen Buck created a series on her Instagram account showing users a variety of different wrapping tips and tricks.

A common present that is difficult to wrap is a stuffed toy, but thankfully Lindsay shows us an extremely easy solution.

She says if you struggle to wrap these kinds of presents it is best to create the package for the item than wrapping it traditionally.

She begins by measuring and cutting out how much paper she needs and then she folds it into thirds, and tapes together the sides to create a tube-like shape.

On one end of the tube-like shape, fold the bottom of the paper and separate and flatten the sides so it looks like a diamond shape, then fold the top and bottom corners into the middle and stick them in place.

This creates a base for the stuffed toy so it doesn't get squished.

You can then easily slot the gift into the top of the package, fold down any excess paper, and tape it down.

Lindsay also uses a hole-puncher to add a ribbon to the gift bag.

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In another video, she shares a common mistake we all have when it comes to wrapping presents – cutting the paper too small and struggling to cover the gift fully.

Lindsay said she used to just add an extra strip of paper onto the back and tape it on, but knew it didn't look very nice.

Her solution to solving the issue?

Simply, take the gift and turn it so it is diagonal to the paper, pull in the edges toward the middle of the gift, and tape it down.

Then take the two last corners and pull them into the middle, it's really that easy.

If your friends are too old to receive stuffed toys for Christmas and would rather have something to quench their thirst, then you might be wondering the best way to wrap a wine bottle.

Sure you can get the bags from the supermarket, but half of the fun in aChristmas present is tearing through the wrapping paper.

So, if you want to try a new way to package your bottled gifts then look no further as Lindsay has another hack for that.

First measure how much paper you will need and cut it out, for this hack you will need at least four inches of excess wrapping paper at the top of the bottle.

Then to the thicker part of the bottle tape one side of the paper to it and wrap the paper all the way round before taping it down again.

At the bottom of the wine bottle, cut four to five lines into the paper, fold them in, and tape them down so that it has a flat base.

Then take the excess paper at the top of the bottle and fold it back and forth until you get to the top of the bottle.

You can then grab some tape and stick down the bottom sections and then lift up the inner edges and tape them together to create a fan shape at the top of the present.

You can even add a bow, ribbons, or a festive bell for extra impact.

Users on Instagram loved Lindsay's hacks, one user wrote: "Love this more than buying a wine bag!"

Another user commented: "I love this idea! I never know what to do with gifts like this."

A third user replied: "Ahh so great! Can't wait to try this!"

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