'90 Day Fiance' Star Jason Hitch's Sister Urges COVID Vax, After Tragic Death

'90 Day Fiance' Star Jason Hitch's Sister Urges COVID Vax, After Tragic Death


Jason Hitch‘s death has shocked “90 Day Fiance” fans and his family members, who want something positive to come out of their loss … and that’s convincing doubters to wake up and get the COVID-19 jab.

Jason’s sister, Shannon Speagle, tells TMZ … she’s beyond devastated following her brother’s tragic death from the coronavirus. She says he wasn’t vaccinated and wants Jason to be a cautionary tale for others.

The way she sees it, Jason dying should highlight the importance of getting vaccinated and taking every preventative measure you can against COVID, even if you think you’re healthy.

Shannon, who’s vaccinated, says she’d argue with Jason about getting the vaccine … as he was an anti-vaxxer — at least for COVID — and sent her misinformation about the vaccine not being effective.

She says her brother — who was on season 2 of ’90 Day’ and married to Cássia Tavares — just figured he was a healthy 45-year-old man, and if he did get COVID, he was certain he’d be fine … like the majority of people.

During their final convo, Shannon urged him to get vaccinated because he was planning to visit her and her children. She says Jason ultimately refused, and didn’t visit them.

Here’s the really sad part … when Jason got COVID, Shannon says she didn’t want to call him because she thought it’d come off as her rubbing it in his face. It wasn’t until Jason was hospitalized that she understood the severity of his condition, and flew out to see him.

By the time she flew out to see him, she says he was sedated and on a ventilator, and it was the worst sight she had ever seen. She was by his bedside when he passed away last week.

Shannon says it’s the worst “I told you so” imaginable. Politics and frustrations aside, Shannon loved her brother deeply … and doesn’t want anyone else to experience what she and her family are going through.

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