Danny Tidwell’s Husband Pays Tribute to Late Dancer in Heartbreaking Post

Danny Tidwell’s Husband Pays Tribute to Late Dancer in Heartbreaking Post


As previously reported, Danny Tidwell is dead at the age of 35.

Although few details are known about what actually transpired on Friday night, multiple outlets have confirmed that the So You Think You Can Dance alum was involved in a fatal car accident.

He had finished second on the aforementioned competition back in 2007.

Once news of Tidwell’s passing went viral, those who knew the dancer well paid tribute to him on social media and paid their respects in various fashions.

But now Tidwell’s husband, reporter David Benaym, has broken his silence over the tragedy by taking himself to Instagram to share a moving message about his husband

Opened David as a caption to a photo montage that included the images above and below:

“I’m devastated that my Danny, the love of my life, my beloved friend, the artist, the talented angel, fierce mind, legendary dancer, my now late husband, Danny Tidwell died last night in a car crash while his friend was driving him home from work.”

Benaym went on to thank everyone out there, expressing his condolences to friends, family members and even celebrities who all loved and supported his late husband.

“We were so lucky to have him, life was so challenging for him,” David continued.

“But he was a warrior, and he came back standing, always.

“We loved each other so much, he was and always will be family. He made me the happiest for so many years, we were able to create so much together.”

Benaym proceeded to list the numerous accomplishments he and Tidwell achieved together as a couple, including releasing a book, magazine, show and many more.

“He had such an impact on the dance world, life gave him so much to deal with from a young age,” wrote Benaym.

“I will write more about you Danny, tell your story, continue your legacy, make sure that you are not forgotten, that you are celebrated.

“An angel with no wings you said you were, you were flying all along, and you’ll be our guardian angel from now on.”

Emmy-winning choreographer Travis Wall, whose family actually adopted Tidwell when he was 12 years old, revealed the news of Tidwell’s death on Instagram.

“My heart is broken. Yesterday I lost a brother,” Wall wrote, adding:

“And we all lost a gift. I’m not ready. But I never think I will be. Because I can’t believe this is real. I can’t believe you’re gone.

“You were more than my brother. You were my inspiration. I idolized you growing up. Wanted to dance just like you. Wanted to be you!

“I wish I could jump in your arms again like we used to when we were kids and onstage dancing.”

Benaym, meanwhile, concluded his statement as follows:

“I love you, I’ll forever miss you. You’re now in peace, mon Danny, and I know you know how much you were loved.”

At this time, it’s unclear when memorial services will be set up for Danny Tidwell.

We continue to send our condolences to his loved ones. May Tidwell rest in peace.

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