Deavan Clegg: Is Topher Park the REAL Father of Baby Taeyang?

Deavan Clegg: Is Topher Park the REAL Father of Baby Taeyang?


Even though we already know how it ends, Deavan and Jihoon’s marriage story continues on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

But some fans think that a huge part of their story is a big fat lie. Are they right … or just, among other things, super racist?

So, way back when, Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee first connected through a dating app.

Jihoon came to visit Deavan in Utah, where the two got a hotel room and hooked up for the first time.

Some games of Russian roulette are shorter than others. Deavan soon learned that she had become pregnant by Jihoon.

Jihoon proposed and the rest, well, is history — the good and the bad.

But some fans think that baby Taeyang, whom we all saw be born on Season 1 and celebrate his 100th day of life on Season 2, isn’t really Jihoon’s.

According to these conspiracy theorists, someone else knocked up Deavan and she, for whatever reason, decided to “frame” another man to be the baby daddy.

Now, when Jihoon went on a lengthy rant several weeks ago — preemptively defending himself against chilling child-abuse accusations that followed — he said something interesting.

He accused Deavan (who is partly of Asian descent herself) of chatting with multiple different Korean men before the two of them met up.

That sort of goes with the territory of using a Korean dating app, right?

But according to this conspiracy theories that fans have come up with, Deavan was singling out Korea because she had just been impregnated by a Korean man.

They think that Topher Park, her current boyfriend, had met up with her, gotten her pregnant, but for whatever reason was not available as a partner.

This twisted theory says that Deavan then wanted to find any reasonably handsome Korean man and trick him into thinking that he had knocked her up.

As for Topher, we do know that Deavan did not just meet him this summer when they began dating. She says that she knew him a couple of years ago.

Additionally, Topher has played coy in the past about whether or not he has kids — leading some to believe that he was referring to Taeyang.

Some fans have even claimed that Taeyang looks just like Topher, citing this as “proof” of paternity.

This conspiracy theory has everything.

Internalized misogyny, whataboutism, a total lack of evidence, and even racism!

We’ll run through those for you really quickly.

As with so many 90 Day Fiance couples, Deavan has been on the receiving end of the “villain edit,” and so many viewers have bought it hook, line, and sinker.

Buying into the largely baseless villification of a woman is an “it takes two to tango” situation.

The editing has to make her look like the bad guy, but it won’t work unless you have your own preconcieved notions and are prepared to hate a woman — even if you, like most viewers, are one yourself.

Whataboutism, when you abruptly change the subject, is a political tactic favored by fascists and their fluffers, but it also applies to everyday life.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we reported for the first time on the horrific child abuse accusations against Jihoon and the ample evidence for it.

It seems clear that Deavan’s harshest trolls aren’t content to merely claim that she’s lying (not even the worst thing that they’ve said), but want to change the subject by concocting a new story.

There is also, and we cannot emphasize this enough, absolutely zero real evidence behind this.

Deavan having known Topher a couple of years ago is not the same as getting knocked up by him. (I’ve met many people without impregnating them! It’s pretty easy!)

And as for the alleged similarity in features … folks, that brings us to the next item.

Racism. If you struggle with cross-racial identification, you’re not alone, and you probably just need to be exposed to more people.

But anyone saying that baby Taeyang doesn’t look like Jihoon but looks like Topher is, at the very least, deluding themselves.

More likely, they’re relying upon the racist stereotype that all Asian people somehow “look alike” to get heads nodding in agreement with them.

Look, most conspiracy theories — except, like, the mystical or scifi ones like “demons run the government” or “the UN controls hurricanes” — could be true, but aren’t.

If this somehow turns out to be the case, though, we would be surprised, because it’s an absurd soap opera storyline and not realistic.

That said … some fans say that, given the monstrous allegations against Jihoon, maybe it would be best if Taeyang’s father were someone else.

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