Ed Sheeran's manager calls Princess Beatrice 'f**king idiot' after sword 'slice'

Ed Sheeran's manager calls Princess Beatrice 'f**king idiot' after sword 'slice'


Ed Sheeran’s manager Stuart Camp has seemingly slammed Princess Beatrice for ‘slicing’ the singer’s cheek with a sword in 2016.

The superstar’s right-hand man has gone so far as to label the royal a ‘f**king idiot’ over the move, which apparently happened in November of that year when Princess Beatrice allegedly wielded a sword which accidentally nicked Ed as she ‘knighted’ singer James Blunt at a party.

Speaking about the moment now, Stuart – who runs Grumpy Old Management – has recalled the moment he received a call from the Palace after Ed was taken to hospital following the rowdy soiree.

Even though Ed has never named the person involved in his cheek injury, which left the star ‘covered in blood’ and requiring stitches, it has long been reported Beatrice took a ceremonial sword off the wall in an attempt to joking knight You’re Beautiful singer James but mistakenly got Ed instead.

Stuart told The Telegraph this week in regards to the incident: ‘I got quite protective over that.

‘Because we’ve never publicly commented on it. But certain people said, “Oh, you should lie and say it wasn’t her and say it was someone else.”

‘I said, well, we’re not telling anyone anything. I’m not lying, just because someone’s a f**king idiot. Because they’re thinking, yeah, I will get paralytic and take a sword off the wall. You’re just asking for trouble.’

He added: ‘You know, we’ve not heard hide nor hair from her since.’

Ed addressed the incident in 2017, after he was seen with quite the gnarly scar on his cheek.

He told Andy Bush on Absolute Radio: ‘I guess when you shave you cut yourself every now and then and your skin gets used to it. So I didn’t know it was cut.

‘I got hit in the face and I was like “alright, okay” and started carrying on and then I looked down and my shirt and it was just completely covered in blood and everyone was kind of gaping open mouthed at me.’

He went on: ‘And I was like “what? have I got a nosebleed or something? What’s happened?” but yeah it was my face.’

The singer added: ‘The story that came out was a tad delayed, I’ll say that. It’s too clean to be a shark and it’s too clean to be a bottle so it’s like – it is a ceremonial sword.’

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