Fans Convinced Nicki Minaj Gets High After Shouting ‘Kill the DJ’ During Rolling Loud Performance

Fans Convinced Nicki Minaj Gets High After Shouting ‘Kill the DJ’ During Rolling Loud Performance


Before she’s seen getting high, the ‘Super Freaky Girl’ hitmaker experienced audio issues during her and Lil Wayne’s headlining set, prompting her to shout, ‘Kill the sound guy.’

AceShowbizNicki Minaj seemingly tried to get rid of all of the problems that happened during her Rolling Loud performance. The “Super Freaky Girl” raptress appeared to get high after her gig was riddled with tech issues.

In videos surfacing online on Sunday night, March 5, the Trinidadian raptress appeared to slur her speech while talking to fans from her black car. The femcee, who sported a hot pink outfit with matching hair color, also looked extremely sleepy.

At one point, one fan could be heard saying, “She’s high. She’s definitely high.” Though Nicki appeared high, she did pose for a photo for fans who asked for a selfie.

Upon learning of the footage, fans rushed to social media to share their opinions. “She clearly smoking a blunt. You can see the smoke,” one person commented. Another chimed in, “she rolled a 3.5 of Percocet [laughing with tears emojis].” Someone else added, “she ain’t just high, she in another dimension.”

A separate fan, however, argued, “I don’t think she high I think she getting sleepy cause some celebrities have to have a special shot from a doctor to stay awake from not getting enough sleep so her shot is probably wearing off. I saw that on some show that Alicia Keys was in years ago.” Another echoed, “She 40 it’s past her bedtime.”

The sighting came after Nicki experienced audio issues during her and Lil Wayne‘s set at the festival. As Nicki began to get heated up after being introduced by Lil Wayne, the sound man responsible for the event audio struggled to deliver her outlined setlist in the order she had provided.

While Nicki attempted to remain calm on stage, she eventually grew frustrated. Lil Wayne tried to brush over the technical hiccups by dancing along to the song playing on stage, Nicki’s “Chun-Li” and Lil Wayne’s “Truffle Butter” featuring Nicki. However, after repeatedly cueing the parties responsible for the audio to which song should be played, she said, “Kill the DJ. Kill the sound guy.”

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