Feds Spent About $500k on Coveralls for Coronavirus Preparation

Feds Spent About $500k on Coveralls for Coronavirus Preparation


Uncle Sam’s been prepping for coronavirus worst-case scenarios since last month by stockpiling hazmat suits … nearly half a million dollars worth!!!

TMZ did some digging into what the feds spent in February, specifically any items labeled for “coronavirus.” The Office of Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response allocated $449,000 for coveralls — those contamination-free suits you’ve seen lately in China and Italy.

Unfortunately, you’ve also seen ’em in movies like “Outbreak.”

The ASPR filed a nearly $393k order for coveralls with Grainger Industrial Supply — which sells coveralls for as low as $10 and as high as $4k a pop, depending on how advanced ya wanna get. A separate $56k order was placed with another company, McKesson Medical-Surgical.

Typically, this government office is more focused on relief measures like porta-potties, hand-washing stations, custodial services and public transportation. In fact, the ASPR spent about $2.53 million on that stuff to help combat the coronavirus crisis.

The additional half a mil for coveralls is an indication of how serious the feds are about dealing with the virus.

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