Francia Raísa Breaks Down in Tears Saying She Was Trapped and Harassed by Trump Supporters

Francia Raísa Breaks Down in Tears Saying She Was Trapped and Harassed by Trump Supporters


Actress Francia Raísa opened up about a scary and horrible experience she had over the weekend, saying that she got caught up in the middle of a Trump car rally while driving on the 405 Freeway, where she was trapped and harassed.

Speaking on Instagram Stories, Francia said (via Just Jared), “I was just on the 405 and I got stuck in that stupid Trump rally and they f*cking boxed me in and they’re pointing at me and laughing at me saying, ‘Haha.’ And literally I almost crashed because they wouldn’t let me out. I was trying to go around it and they’re literally, they were all stopping and going, they boxed me on the f*cking freeway, all I wanted to do was go around.”

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I love @franciaraisa and u guys too love her! She caught up by stupid Trump rally at 405… people boxed her in a truck …hope you guys understand @franciaraisa pls take care and this is not the America y'all we deserve.we really need to stop this stupidity!! People were so rude and careless and they also caught up her friends who are black attacking at em..idk how many times shall people protest against blm? being an Indian I'm supporting everyone .seeing a Mexican or black people u just can not box them in This is not the way we treat woman in public. She was alone driving..through 405. this rally people just attacked on her… Whyyy?stop!!! BLM🖤✊🏾✊🏾and also treat a woman in a good way ✊🏼

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She continued, “And they were just being so violent and I could have crashed, I could have f*cking crashed. It was so dangerous and I just don’t understand why that’s the country that y’all are supposedly wanting right now. Really? That’s what makes America great? Really? That’s f*cked up, I could have f*cking died right now. That was so f*cking dangerous. Pointing at me and laughing at a Mexican. Oh god, that was really f*cking scary.”

This is truly awful and thank goodness Francia is okay.

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