Gogglebox’s Tom Malone stuns fans as he admits arranging on-screen snacks into rude shapes

Gogglebox’s Tom Malone stuns fans as he admits arranging on-screen snacks into rude shapes


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Tom Malone is best known for appearing alongside his family on Gogglebox each week as they catch up on the latest TV highlights. The star has since taken to social media as he shared a behind the scenes insight into his experience on the popular series and revealed a secret about rearranging the cakes into “rude” shapes.

On the show, the Malone family have become known for their sweet treats as they feature a tray of cakes on their coffee table when filming.

The Gogglebox star has since opened up on how the family often leave easter eggs for eagle-eyed viewers to spot.

Tom gave the insight after a fan on Tik Tok requested the star to put something unexpected such as a “4 bowls of soup” on the table.

In response, Tom opened up on how the family previously swapped their sweet treats for a plate of toast while watching the Andrew Marr show.

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He explained: “We film quite late at night, but the Andrew Marr show is actually on TV quite early in the morning so we thought it would be weird to have cakes in the middle.

He added: “We decided to put out a plate of toast so we had a big plate of toast in front of us while we were watching the Andrew Marr show and Twitter went nuts.

“It was like toast gate everyone was getting on at us.”

Tom went on to talk of the “sometimes quite rude shapes” they have positioned the cakes into during their time on the show.

He added: “Me and my dad have before put the cakes in different positions, and different shapes to try and see if anyone any eagle-eyed viewed would actually notice.”

Challenging his fans, he continued: “So keep an eye out for that.”

Fans soon took to the comment section, with one saying: “I’ll remember that.”

With another adding: “I’ll be watching for the cakes now haha(sic).”

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This comes after the Gogglebox star shared a number of videos about filming the show on the popular social media platform.

In previous videos, he has addressed whether the family all have their own spots on the sofas as well as if their sofas are placed together for the filming of the series.

He has also revealed how the family was cast to appear within the Channel 4 series after producers phoned up the dance studio he and his mother Julie worked at.

After the owner of the studio suggested the mother and son duo, producers met with them and the family later joined the series in 2014.

When the family joined, Tom appeared alongside his dad Tom and mother Julie as well as his brother Shaun.

Talking of their role on the series, Shaun admitted the family “never expected” to still be a part of the show.

He told the Metro Online last year: “When we first started we didn’t have a clue what would come of it.

“We have been extremely fortunate that we have stayed doing it for long. We never expected it to go on as long as it has.”

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