Iain Stirling opens up on future of Love Island and giving up law for comedy

Iain Stirling opens up on future of Love Island and giving up law for comedy


Iain Stirling has shared his thoughts on the future of Love Island, and whether a UK-based series could be an option amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

It’s safe to say after almost a year in and out of lockdowns, many of us have missed our fix of the summer version of Love Island, which Iain, 32, voices. 

While most of us haven’t been able to get away either, we’ve missed living vicariously through a fresh cohort of ridiculously good-looking singletons, living the dream in Spain for two months, hoping to find the love of their lives in the process. 

When quizzed on whether the ITV2 show might finally return in the summer, Iain told Metro.co.uk: ‘People at ITV know what I’m like, and they never trust me with any vital information, because they know I would just splurge it all. 

‘I think what they said is that they want it back on ITV2 this year. Obviously, it’s annoying, because I haven’t got a sort of Covid crystal ball so we can’t tell what situation that’s going to be in. 

‘But I would to obviously go back and do it. I’ve got so many friends that work on that show and we’d all love to get in the sun and go to Spain for a bit. 

‘Wouldn’t it be nice to go to Europe for a bit? It’d be great. I’ve not been to Europe since January 1.’

Another fan favourite in the calendar is I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, which relocated to Wales for the last series after the logistics of travelling to Australia amid the coronavirus pandemic made it impossible to do it in the jungle. 

Discussing whether we might see Love Island’s single hopefuls swapping the Spanish sunshine for the temperamental British summer this year, Iain hasn’t ruled it out. 

He explained: ‘Hey, let’s see what happens. Let’s see what happens, like I said, I’ve no idea, but it could be quite amusing seeing Love Island contestants embracing the beaches of Bognor Regis at some point. 

‘When they can’t eat their dinner because seagulls are taking it off the plate…  it could mix it up. 

‘I genuinely thought I’m A Celeb was so brilliant this year, it’s an option. I’m A Celeb did such a good job, man. It was so funny and such a good season. Watching a show like I’m A Celeb makes you really want to be involved again in a show that captures the nation. It’s a talking point, a water cooler moment every morning so I really want to get back.’

Iain may be off the market and happily married to Laura Whitmore, with the couple expecting their first child early this year, but he’s got a lot of sympathy for those who are trying to find their soulmate in the current pandemic. 

‘If you’ve got with somebody in lockdown, it must be something special. Do you want to bubble with me? It’s the new proposal, the bubble proposal,’ he joked. 

‘It must be so bizarre for people trying to date right now. And also just getting in a relationship in such weird times and such a weird environment – you wouldn’t really know what someone’s like in the real world, so to speak. 

‘I wish all the singletons the best of luck. And if it hasn’t worked out for you in lockdown, just apply for the next series of Love Island! 

‘We’re going to have people that have been driven corona crazy, chomping at the bit to get to a villa in Spain. It’s a holiday, it’s a chance to meet someone, it’s eight weeks in a different house. It’s everything everyone wants current in this lockdown.’

Iain has teamed up with BT Stand Out Skills to help jobseekers who have been affected by the pandemic, and he revealed how his career path developed from initially studying law. 

He explained: ‘It was a weird one for me, because I was doing a law degree and everyone said to me, “Don’t not use your law degree:. 

‘And then I went and became a kids TV presenter, then I stepped away from kids TV to do stand-up and everyone said: “Don’t do that, that’s a silly idea”. And then I went and did Love Island. 

‘My thing, I suppose, and it’s obvious I’m in a very privileged position and it’s easier said than done, but I always say try and find something that interests you or fuels you in some way. 

‘Because you spend a lot of time work and so you might as well try and do something you enjoy or at least challenges you or interests you.’

With the current climate, getting through to the interview stages can be the biggest hurdle when there are hundreds of others vying for the same position, so getting your application noticed is crucial. 

Iain suggests: ‘I know lots of stand-ups who’ve had to find other avenues of employment, because obviously, social gatherings not really an option. 

‘When you go back to finding work, you’ve got to find ways to help yourself stand out, especially in your CV and your LinkedIn profile. 

‘I occasionally do gigs for companies and the specific jokes about the company always do better than just  the generic jokes about a thing that happened to you on the bus or on holiday or whatever. 

‘So I certainly recommend a couple of little tweaks here and there to make your application specific to that employer.’

More information on BT Skills for Tomorrow and Stand Out Skills can be found here. 

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