In Which Nick Jonas "Snacks" on Priyanka Chopra in a Bikini

In Which Nick Jonas "Snacks" on Priyanka Chopra in a Bikini


Hello, how was your weekend, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra spent theirs lounging around by the pool, being cute, and getting slightly NSFW. Specifically, Priyanka posted this pic of Nick holding a knife and fork and enjoying a ~snack~.

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Um…love this for them to be quite honest.

It looks like Priyanka has officially reunited with Nick in California after a few days apart due to him being on tour with the Jonas Brothers and her filming Citadel in London. Priyanka actually just opened up to Vogue India about how she and Nick make long distance work with their busy schedules, saying “Distance sucks. Not being able to fly back and forth to see each other the way we used to makes it hard. Wherever you go, you quarantine, so it’s difficult to schedule. We moved into our new house, had time to pick cushions and decide what our rug was going to be like, and adopted a dog, Panda. We always have family or friends over. That’s the kind of home I was raised in and that’s how Nick is as well.”

She also said that Nick joined her in London to help settle her in, saying “He, my mum, my family came with me and we spent Christmas and New Year’s together while I was filming. It was really nice to not have to come back to an empty home. Nick wanted to help me settle in.”

Happy that these two are reunited! More pics pls.

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