Jay Leno has undergone surgery and is receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy for 'significant' burns, more news

Jay Leno has undergone surgery and is receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy for 'significant' burns, more news

Jay Leno’s surgeon shares recovery update after serious car fire

After suffering third-degree burns in a blast in the garage of his Los Angeles home, Jay Leno is undergoing multiple surgeries and receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy twice a day, Entertainment Tonight reported on Wednesday (Nov. 16). According to the comic’s surgeon at West Hills Hospital, Dr. Peter Grossman, Jay’s “burns included the lower half of his face, his cheeks and his chin and his ears and his neck.” The doctor confirmed Jay, 72, has already had one surgery and is slated for another one this week. It’s unclear how many will be necessary to treat his injuries. “It’s too early to tell what’s going to happen,” the doctor told ET, adding that permanent damage is “always possible in burn injuries, especially when you have significant damage from the situation as he did.” As he continues to recover, the former “Tonight Show” host has reportedly been keeping the mood at the burn center light by telling jokes and sending cookies to some of the younger patients there. “He’s got a very strong attitude. He’s a very strong individual,” Dr. Grossman said. “And he’s a person who really is looking to move forward, to try to find a way to get past this episode of his life and to get back to what he normally likes to do, which is to be out there and entertain and be with the people. I think at some point soon he’ll get there, but I’ve had to tell him that, for the time being, he needs to sit back and take care of Jay.”

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Lily-Rose Depp talks ‘nepo babies’ and staying silent on dad Johnny Depp’s battle against Amber Heard

Lily-Rose Depp knows all about the Hollywood’s so-called “nepo baby” conversation, the phenomenon in which famous actors’ kids successfully pursue acting themselves. She doesn’t think there’s much validity to it. “The internet seems to care a lot about that kind of stuff,” Lily-Rose — whose parents are Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis — tells Elle in a November 2022 profile pegged to her upcoming HBO series, “The Idol.” “People are going to have preconceived ideas about you or how you got there, and I can definitely say that nothing is going to get you the part except for being right for the part,” she says. “The internet cares a lot more about who your family is than the people who are casting you in things. Maybe you get your foot in the door, but you still just have your foot in the door. There’s a lot of work that comes after that.” Lily-Rose, 23, got her own foot in the acting door with 2014’s “Tusk” and 2016’s “Yoga Hosers,” both of which her dad starred in. Though she doesn’t mention that fact in the interview, she does suggest gender bias comes into play with regard to who does and who does not get labeled as a “nepo baby.” “I just hear it a lot more about women, and I don’t think that it’s a coincidence,” Lily-Rose says. For now, she seems to manage her fame by maintaining a degree of privacy, even during her dad’s defamation trial against Amber Heard, which Lily-Rose stayed silent on. “When it’s something that’s so private and so personal that all of a sudden becomes not so personal … I feel really entitled to my secret garden of thoughts,” she explains. “I also think that I’m not here to answer for anybody, and I feel like for a lot of my career, people have really wanted to define me by the men in my life, whether that’s my family members or my boyfriends, whatever. And I’m really ready to be defined for the things that I put out there.”

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Zoe Kravitz says ‘Big Little Lies’ is ‘done’ after Jean-Marc Vallee’s death

Fans have clamored for a third season of “Big Little Lies,” but according to star Zoe Kravitz, that’s no longer in the cards in the wake of director Jean-Marc Vallée’s untimely death at age 58. Asked if the hit HBO series might return, Zoe said, “I don’t think it is,” while responding to fan questions in a GQ video published this week. “We talked about doing a Season 3 a lot. Unfortunately, Jean-Marc Vallée, our incredible director, passed away this last year. It’s heartbreaking. I can’t imagine going on without him. He really was the visionary for that show. Unfortunately, it’s done,” she said. Instead, Zoe’s been focused on her directorial debut, “P**** Island,” starring her now-boyfriend, Channing Tatum. Speaking to GQ for the magazine’s December 2022 issue, Zoe said Channing had her back on the set, telling the outlet, “he really was my protector and it was really wonderful and sweet … if you can do something like that together, it’s a good test, and we came out even stronger.” The couple’s romance went public after they were spotted sharing the same bicycle in New York City in August 2021. It turns out he was walking her to meet her writing partner that day, when he offered to give her a lift. “I was sweating and he was like, ‘Get on the bike, I’ll ride you over and you can relax,'” she recalled. “You want to keep it sacred and private as long as you can. So that you don’t have to even think about what the world thinks about it,” Zoe added.

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Elon Musk dismisses Jimmy Fallon’s Twitter death hoax help request, issues ultimatum to staff

“Fix what?” That was Elon Musk’s reply when Jimmy Fallon reached out to the Twitter CEO for assistance with a death hoax about the late-night host that was trending on the platform on Tuesday (Nov. 15). “Elon, can you fix this? #RIPJimmyFallon,” Jimmy tweeted on Tuesday as the hashtag gained steam. By the time Elon tweeted back, “Fix what?,” Wednesday morning, #RIPJimmyFallon had become meme fodder, with users tacking it onto photos of other (similarly alive and well) late-night hosts and, in one case, an image of Lisa Simpson pulling her would-be dead brother Bart behind her. At that point, the joke had largely shifted onto Elon, his purportedly “free-speech”-focused Twitter acquisition and his less-than-solid blue-check verification process. “Twitter is the most trusted news source, if it says you’re dead then you’re dead,” wrote one user in response to Jimmy’s death hoax. “Thanks @elonmusk for letting us talk to ghosts.” Twitter may soon have more ghosts, too. In a late-night email warning to Twitter’s remaining staff, Elon said any employees who don’t commit to “extremely hardcore” work on building “a breakthrough Twitter 2.0” by Thursday at 5p.m. will be given three months’ severance and shown the door, the Washington Post reported early Wednesday morning. “This will mean working long hours at high intensity. Only exceptional performance will constitute a passing grade,” he wrote. “If you are sure that you want to be part of the new Twitter, please click yes on the link below.”

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Brendan Fraser vows not to participate in the Golden Globes after alleged sexual assault

Brendan Fraser won’t be attending the 2023 Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 10 because of his “history” with the organization that votes on the awards for the ceremony, “The Whale” star told GQ in a story published on Wednesday (Nov. 16). That history includes a sexual assault allegation Brendan levied against former Hollywood Foreign Press Association President Philip Berk in 2018. “No, I will not participate,” the actor said. “I have more history with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association than I have respect for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. It’s because of the history that I have with them. And my mother didn’t raise a hypocrite. You can call me a lot of things, but not that.” In a previous interview with GQ at the height of the #MeToo movement, Brendan, now 53, accused Philip, 89, of nonconsensual touching. the younger star alleged the incident took place at a luncheon in 2003 and involved Philip grabbing his rear before touching him between his legs with his finger. Philip later denied the claim, telling GQ in a statement that Brendan’s “version [of what happened] is a total fabrication,” though he acknowledged he had apologized to the actor. “My apology admitted no wrongdoing, the usual ‘If I’ve done anything that upset Mr. Fraser, it was not intended and I apologize,'” Philip told GQ at the time. Philip was nixed from the HFPA in 2021 after he referred to the Black Lives Matter movement as a “racist hate movement,” according to People.

Linda Cardellini, James Marsden praise Christina Applegate amid MS diagnosis

As she battles multiple sclerosis, Christina Applegate did not attend this week’s premiere of the final season of her Netflix show, “Dead to Me.” That didn’t stop her co-stars from heaping praise on the TV veteran, who plays Jen Harding opposite Linda Cardellini’s Judy Hale on the series. “Well, she’s just so incredible, you know? I mean to work with her is a gift,” Linda told Entertainment Tonight on the premiere’s red carpet on Tuesday (Nov. 15). “We get to play wonderful friends on screen, and we get to be wonderful friends off screen too.” Linda joined Christina at her Walk of Fame ceremony earlier this week, which she said was a “was a beautiful day.” The pair’s co-star, James Marsden, also shared glowing remarks about Christina, calling her “an inspiring individual,” “a tremendous actress,” and “funny as h***.” James added, “Beyond that she’s just one of the most compassionate, considerate human beings. She was there for me through this process as much as I was there for her. So it continues to be that love fest and I just cherish that friendship.” Christina first went public with her MS diagnosis in August 2021.

Aaron Carter’s death certificate lists cause of death as ‘deferred’

Aaron Carter’s family chose to cremate him following his death earlier this month, TMZ reported on Wednesday (Nov. 16), citing the late star’s death certificate. No decision has been made on Aaron’s final resting place, but the document notes Aaron’s sister, Angel, has been tasked with keeping the ashes until further notice. The certificate lists his cause of death as “deferred,” indicating tests are ongoing. Aaron, who battled substance abuse issues for years, was found dead in his bathtub at his California home on Nov. 5. Cans of compressed air were reportedly found in the home as well, police sources told TMZ. The singer and former reality star — whose brother is the Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter — was 34.

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