Joanna Lumley’s brutal Brexit summary of meddling EU: ‘Easier for hung jury to agree’

Joanna Lumley’s brutal Brexit summary of meddling EU: ‘Easier for hung jury to agree’


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The British actress, 74, is best-known for playing Patsy Stone in the BBC cult comedy Absolutely Fabulous. Lumley returns to TV screens tonight with her ITV show Home Sweet Home. In recent years, the star has weighed into political debates including the perceptions of Brexiteers following the EU referendum.

Lumley defended the 52 percent of the public who voted to leave the EU after there were incendiary accusations about the motives behind their decision.

She stated that Brexiteers were not “b******s” who would “say and do cruel and wicked things”, but were “good people”.

Her comment came after a spate of racist attacks, which some blamed on the nation’s call to leave the EU.

Lumley said: “We have to remember that most people in this country have good hearts and a sense of justice and generosity.”

She revealed that she could “understand” Brexiteers for wanting to “get out of this” and “make our own decisions”.

Lumley argued that it must have been difficult to unite every nation within the EU under the same thought. 

She said: “I could understand a great deal of the Brexiteers’ problems about saying, ‘How do we get rid of them? Or, how do you change such a huge ship?’

While Lumley did not explain who the “them” were, she continued to explain that it was impossible to get everyone to agree.

In 2016, she told AOL’s Build series: “How can you ever get 27 people on a committee? We’ve all sat on committees.

“I’m looking at you because you’re gleaming with intelligence and I know you’re the kind of people who all sit on committees. 

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“But we’ve all sat on overly-large committees and cannot get them all to agree.

“Look how hard it is to get a hung jury to agree, that’s only 12 people and look how hard that is.

“So how do you get 27 people to agree?”

Despite defending Brexit, Lumley admitted that she felt the lead up to the 2016 EU referendum was rushed.

She argued that issues were much easier to resolve when “it took three weeks to bring a letter across” from overseas.

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Lumley argued that people were guilty of “reacting too fast”, due to the immediacy of 24 news channels, social media and more. 

She said: “[Before] you didn’t whizz things like this, so tempers weren’t fired up so fast, reactions weren’t so sudden [and] stuff took longer.

“We haven’t got time to consider or debate fully what should be going on.”

Lumley believed that this “immediacy” led to a strong backlash to Brexit from some members of the public. 

She continued: “I think we all went to be thinking we would be remaining and we all woke up and found we were leaving.”

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Lumley also gave a warning about the future for Brexit, where she claimed that the Europe some Brexiteers longed for no longer existed.

She said: “People who wanted to leave said, ‘40 years ago, this didn’t exist and so it can not exist now. What’s the problem? 

“‘We’ll just go back to being independent and sovereign’. 

“What they had forgotten was that Europe had changed, Europe had joined the European Union.

“The Europe that we knew 40 years ago… there wasn’t a problem, you didn’t have to get a visa.”

Lumley drew from her experiences as a model when she travelled to “every country in Europe” with ease.

She said: “All you did was you took your passport, had it stamped and you did your photographs.

“But Europe was different [then] because none of Europe belonged to itself.

“Now they [have] formed a club and we’ve decided to leave the club and say, ‘Hey, but we’re just the same’.

“The club isn’t the same because the club never existed, so that was something that hadn’t really been looked at.”

Joanna Lumley’s Home Sweet Home airs at 8pm tonight on ITV.

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