Keyshia Cole Gets Fans Buzzing After Bringing Her Iconic Gap Back

Keyshia Cole Gets Fans Buzzing After Bringing Her Iconic Gap Back


In February last year, the ‘I Should Have Cheated’ singer, who got veneers to cover up her teeth gap in around 2008, teased her plan to ‘reopen’ it on social media.

AceShowbizKeyshia Cole knows how to surprise her fans with things they like. “The Way It Is” artist, who opted to get veneers in around 2008 to close her teeth gap, gets fans buzzing after she brings her iconic gap back.

During an Instagram Live session on Wednesday, November 23, the 41-year-old was seen having a chit-chat with her fans. At one moment, she showed off her infamous teeth gap when sporting a wide smile.

Clearly, her fans are happy seeing Keyshia’s visible gap. “KEYSHIA COLE GOT HER GAP BACK!!!!!” one person exclaimed on Twitter. Another wrote, “Keyshia Cole gap is back!! hopefully that old K.C. feel of music will follow.”

“WAIT TWITTER @KeyshiaCole BROUGHT THE GAP BACK !!! I REPEAT THEE #KEYSHIACOLE BROUGHT THE GAP BACK,” another excited fan tweeted. A fourth chimed in, “RESPECTFULLY, Keyshia Cole gave us the mf gap!!!! LAWD! Lemme get my money together cuz the girls bout to f**k the music industry up in 2023.”

While others are excited with Keyshia’s decision to remove her veneers, some wondered how she brought the teeth gap back. “soooo keyshia cole closed her gap just reopen it!?” one person asked, while another remarked, “Now how did Keyshia Cole get her gap back ? Lol.”

Keyshia first teased her plan to bring back her teeth gap in November last year. At the time, the “Heaven Sent” singer posted a selfie on Instagram Story with a caption that read, “Thinking about opening up my gap back! I’m here now!!!! Thoughts?”

At the time, however, many doubted that Keyshia was able to do so. “Excuse me???? How you open a gap back up?” one person commented after the photo was reposted by The Shade Room. A second Instagram user added, “Girl what?? It won’t be the same.” Someone else even criticized her, writing, “Rich & bored, huh?”

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