Khloe Kardashian slams Kylie Jenner a ‘thirsty b***h’ while getting boozy in car

Khloe Kardashian slams Kylie Jenner a ‘thirsty b***h’ while getting boozy in car


Khloe Kardashian has called out her sister Kylie Jenner as a “thirsty b***h” while the pair got boozy in the back of a car during Keeping Up With The Kardashians filming.

The Kardashian-Jenners stepped out for a wild night out in Los Angeles on Saturday, as they enjoyed each other’s company at a family dinner.

The sisters, Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie left their kids and partners at home for a girls night out.

They were joined by momager Kris and her beau Corey Gamble as they all headed out for a meal and drinks.

After finishing up their food, the family jumped in their cars and got “lit” while en route to their next destination.

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Khloe, 35, posted a video of her sister Kylie grimacing while drinking a clear liquid with the caption: “This thirsty b***h begged for the tag.”

The pair partied in the back of a car while being filmed by cameraman Cesar Castillo.

Kylie could be been laughing and falling over her older sister before giggling an playful: “You’re a f***king w***e.”

The 22-year-old later admitted she’d stolen the glass she was drinking out of from the restaurant they’d been to eat at.

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Khloe assured fans they would be returning the glass while momager Kris sat in the back and laughed about how the glass was on Corey Gamble’s tab.

Corey looked amused while sharing the back row of seats with rumoured fiancée Kris.

The social media mega stars’ attention soon turned back to cameraman Cesar who was perched on the front seat documenting the shenanigans for their hit TV show, facing backwards to film the famous clan.

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Khloe bantered their Keeping Up With The Kardashians camera operator, mock-shouting at him: “What the f**k is you’re problem, Cesar?”

Cesar shook his head while blushing and laughing, while Kylie stood up for him, pointing out: “He’s just doing his job filming us, bro. Leave him alone.”

Khloe then turned on her younger sister, slamming: “So what’s you’re job? Why’re you filming us?”

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Kylie ignored her and began blasting music from her phone while dancing wildly and flicking her new long hair around.

Momager Kris was then seen getting down with Corey to Jackboys “Out West” featuring Young Thug as the car party continued, while Kylie screamed at the camera: “I need more tequila!”

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian posted a video to her own story of her and Kourtney in the back of another car, while Kendall slept on the back seat.

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She could be heard saying: “So their car ride is really lit,” as Kourtney laughed and added, “We are just saints over here.” Khloe reposted the video to her own story, captioning it: “Meanwhile in the land of boring.”

Kourtney put her hands together in a praying position and told fans they were “sober”.

The clan then turned up to Toucans for more drinks and to watch incredible drag acts and dancers. The Kardashian-Jenners could be heard screaming in support as the ladies took to the stage.

Kendall was notably absent from the group, as Kylie revealed her sister was sleeping in the car.

She gushed over her sisters in a sweet video captioned: “God bless you Kris Jenner for my sisters! Nothing compares, by ride or dies.”

The foursome could be seen singing and hugging each other as they commanded attention from the other punters at the bar.

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