Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Surprise Stormi: See How Peasant Children Live!

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Surprise Stormi: See How Peasant Children Live!


Stormi Webster is three-and-a-half years old and growing up before our eyes.

After months of speculation and hints, we now know that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her second child.

Stormi is going to be a big sister, but she will always be her parents’ first princess.

A princess who, apparently, was a little interested in seeing how peasant children live.

This week, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott pulled out all of the (bus) stops for their daughter.

On Tuesday, August 24, Kylie took to her Instagram Stories to show photos of her precious baby girl.

Three-year-old Stormi was photographed standing beside and then in a large, empty school bus.

In a vacuum, that doesn’t look so unusual.

Obviously, you’d never want your child to have unnecessary contact with a public transportation vehicle during COVID.

But other than that, well, children are often fascinated by large vehicles, and a 3-year-old knows what a school bus is.

This was not an instance of Stormi and Kylie and Travis waiting for one of Stormi’s cousins to get off of a school bus … obviously.

As Kylie revealed in her caption, Travis had secured the bus for Stormi to see, touch, and explore.

It was certainly a fun moment for the precious little girl … but not everyone found it endearing.

Twitter users noted that Kylie and Travis had bought the opportunity for Stormi to “roleplay as middle class for the day.”

One wrote that: “rich people are literally so far from reality they bought a school bus for stormi to sit on.”

Another remarked that “Stormi got to play make-believe poor today.”

Others noted that this wasn’t necessarily as weird as people were portraying it.

While it is easy to imagine Travis or Kylie purchasing a school bus for $100k to $300k, is that what happened?

Travis may have rented a bus for an afternoon for a few thousand dollars so that his little girl could see one.

Most three-year-olds have not ridden a school bus before. Because, you know, they’re preschool aged.

So it’s not like Stormi is regularly being dropped off at school in a helicopter that launches from a megayacht.

She’s barely past being a toddler. This is a normal interest for her.

Many little kids are fascinated by firetrucks, garbage trucks, and other large vehicles.

Not all — some of us were super into dinosaurs, but there’s a huge market for trains, also.

But Stormi is being a normal little kid, and Kylie and Travis did for her what any good parents would do … if they had the means.

It may be that Kylie is having trouble adjusting to the current realities of the world.

She is an adult woman and one of a few thousand of the world’s most wealthy people.

People are going to look at her life and opportunities and what she can do for her child through a critical lens because of widespread inequality.

Kylie is not responsible for inaccessible healthcare, climbing rent, or the stagnation of the minimum wage.

But when her social media activity highlights those inequalities so starkly, people will not react well.

The teenage girls who once watched Kylie on Snapchat and idolized her are now underpaid adults who have to pay rent.

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