LeAnn Rimes Reveals How ‘Coyote Ugly’ Awakened Her Sexuality

LeAnn Rimes Reveals How ‘Coyote Ugly’ Awakened Her Sexuality


LeAnn Rimes is opening up about her 2000 classic, Coyote Ugly.

The 38-year-old country star, who was 17 in the movie, opened up to ET about how the film affected her sexuality.

“I was 17. I was…this little sweet innocent girl and then…I walk on set and they hand me these chicken cutlets to put in my bra and they’re like, ‘Push ‘em up’… That was my introduction into sexuality and being sexualized as a woman,” she said.

“It was interesting. It was quite a shock to the system. I was a kid looking at these women going, ‘I’ll just do what she’s doing.’ Nothing was really embodied,” she continued.

“I was trying to be this sexy singer performing on a bar, and that was so opposite of me. I was really acting at the time ’cause I was still figuring all that out about myself. Now it’s a different story. Now, if you put me on a bar, it’s a different story…now with all of my music, there’s so much more of an embodied experience since I’ve lived these songs. I’m 38 now and it comes from a completely different place…I draw from my own life experiences,” she explains.

“They wanted to keep my image so innocent up until that point. I was kinda like, ‘Ta da’ [at] the chains being broken off of a teenage girl. It was appropriate.”

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