Lisa Faulkner didnt expect to fall for John Torode on Masterchef

Lisa Faulkner didnt expect to fall for John Torode on Masterchef


Masterchef: John Torode swears after contestant finishes dish

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Lisa Faulkner, 50, has opened up about falling for husband John Torode, 57, while she took part in Celebrity MasterChef in an exclusive interview with The star appeared on the show and went on to win back in 2010, with the couple starting their courtship that same year.

Lisa spoke to about her family life with John as part of a wider interview about encouraging families to be more connected during meal times.

The star has teamed up with cracker company Carr’s to help create some tasty recipes that will hopefully spark conversations and deter families from looking at their phones during dinner.

Lisa and John are a real power couple when it comes to cooking shows, with John having hosted MasterChef since 2005 right up to the current season, which is currently airing on BBC One.

The pair have coupled up on camera as well as in real life to co-present John and Lisa’s Weekend Kitchen, which launched on ITV in 2019.

Asked if she knew what a life-changing experience Celebrity Masterchef would be back in 2010, Lisa confirmed she did not.

“No, I had absolutely no idea,” she reflected. “I had no idea it was going to change my career.”

“So much that I was then going to start cooking and then, you know, John and I being together.”

“It’s just so weird how the world works!”

Alongside her life as a TV chef, Lisa is still a working actress, and is best known for her roles on soaps such as Brookside, Holby City and EastEnders.

Speaking about the transition from acting to cooking on TV, Lisa explained: “I’m very lucky to do both, and recently I’ve been doing some more acting as well.

“But I think we live in a world where – years and years ago, you only had one career and you didn’t stray off the path – but you can’t just have that one career anymore.

“Life doesn’t work like that – especially not as a 50-year-old woman in the acting game. There’s not lots of work and so I’ve actually been very lucky in that I love to cook, I really love it.

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“So, after Masterchef I decided – and I was offered some great parts but they weren’t hugely different to what I’d done – so I just thought, you know what, I’m just going to jump in and test myself and do something that scares me.

“It’s been so brilliant and I’ve loved it, but I also love being on set, so I hope I can continue doing both until I’m an old lady.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Lisa opened up about her home life with John and their blended family – and how taking the time to eat at the dinner table was often the best way to get some “proper conversation” with their teenage children.

Lisa is mother to 15-year-old adopted daughter Billie, while John has grown-up children Casper and Marselle from his first marriage, and teenagers from another relationship, Jonah, 17, and Lulu, 15.

Speaking about how we are “all guilty of not spending enough time away from our phones”, Lisa explained how she hoped to encourage more sociable mealtimes with her new Carr’s creations.

Lisa’s series of ‘Sharing Plates’ are designed to encourage meaningful conversations around the dinner table.

These include a nostalgia-themed Coronation chicken dish, dressed Crab & Apple for holiday moments and double-handed snacks like barbecued steak & leek, which make it physically impossible for you to pick up your phone.

Revealing that two thirds of Brits use a phone during meals, Carr’s is encouraging the nation to enjoy more meaningful hosting moments, working with Lisa Faulkner to create recipes that help to eliminate distractions and encourage conversation with friends and family.

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