Love Islands Mitch dropped by management as he denies homophobia claims

Love Islands Mitch dropped by management as he denies homophobia claims


Love Island star Mitchel Taylor has been dropped by his management team amid claims that he was "homophobic" at an event.

Only a month and a half after leaving the ITV2 show's villa in Mallorca, Spain, the reality TV star was accused of being "abusive" to a homeless man and called "homophobic" following an alleged incident at a Space NK makeup event last week.

Mitch, 27, a former gas engineer, has since denied the accusations in a statement which he shared to his social media.

He also told his followers that villa pal Zachariah Noble "had nothing to do" with what happened, who has also shared his own statement vehemently denying the claims he was involved.

But as the claims continue on, the star's management have parted ways with him.

A source told Mail Online: "He's put up a video because he's had a lot of flak this week.

"His management have parted ways with him. He's only been out of the villa two months and they can't put up with it."

Mitch's representatives confirmed to OK! that they are no longer representing him.

It comes as Mitch shared a video where he delivered a heartfelt and apologetic statement denying the claims he'd been "homophobic", and started by apologising to Zach.

"I'm making this statement because over the weekend there were a lot of accusations against me and Zach," he said.

"I do want to start off by apologising to Zach because these accusations had nothing to do with him. He was just being dragged straight into them. They were solely about me.

"I do want to talk about each one individually and obviously put it to bed and give my side of the story. The first accusation is the words 'we are the most famous people in here' and that is actually true, I said that to Zach as a bit of banter but it has been taken the wrong way from other people and I admit it wasn't really that funny, I was just trying to have a bit of a laugh and a joke.

"Going on to the next accusation would be me throwing money at a homeless person, that is completely false, I didn't throw money. It was a kind gesture to give a homeless person money and it has been twisted into an evil act and it isn't true I was trying to do a kind gesture."

Mitch went on to "admit" that he was "happy and loud" at the event because it is a "completely different world" for him and he doesn't yet know how to "handle himself" in such situations.

But despite apologising and saying he is "trying" to adjust to the lifestyle, Mitch insisted that he wasn't being "homophobic" when he spoke to an influencer he's a fan of.

"This is probably the biggest accusations out of them all about being homophobic," the star continued. "I spoke to an influencer at the event and my words were, 'I fancied you when you were straight'. I can see how that can come across as homophobic, I'm really bad with my words sometimes, I was just nervous to meet this person because I am a fan.

"I do apologise, it's just when I'm in scenarios like that I can't really get my words out correctly and I was just trying to be as respectful to that person as I could and I kind of got it completely wrong.

"Obviously want to end on this, I do think you deserve the truth, I have to be blatantly honest with what went down and I do apologise that the statements took so long to come across.

"I had to take time away from social media over the weekend. The amount of hate, death threats and horrible comments I've been getting I just couldn't deal with it, so I just had to take some time away. Hopefully that has cleared things up and moving forward I just want you to know I'm not homophobic, I never have been, I'm just bad with my words sometimes and I hoped you can understand," Mitch added.

Zach also shared a long statement, in written form, telling his followers that he was "embarrassed" he had to address the false claims and he "never imagined" he'd be in this position.

"Over the past few days, I've received a number of hateful messages regarding accusations from last week that are currently circulating the internet. So I would like to address this from my side and give clarity that the narrative circulating about me is 100 per cent untrue."

Zach went on to tell his followers that he has "never" in his "life" been "homophobic," and that it was "hurtful" to hear any insinuation that he had been.

The reality TV star also told fans that the accusations were "extremely wrong".

"I am truly saddened to hear that someone was upset that evening but this has nothing to do with me. I wasn't even present at the time of this incident/ misunderstanding," he said. "We live in a society where everyone wants to consider mental health and look out for one another, yet there is still some people online who have clearly forgotten how impactful their words can be and just jump on bandwagons.

"Everyone is so quick to judge and believe and hear things they hear and read even if it's untrue. We really need to realise how powerful words can be and find out the real facts before coming at people, especially with people with high platforms as it's these people who has pushed this false narrative onto my name and influence the way people think.

"This is all I have to say on the matter and I hope it brings you lot of closure," the star added.

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