Machine Gun Kelly Does Awkward Interview with F1's Martin Brundle

Machine Gun Kelly Does Awkward Interview with F1's Martin Brundle


Machine Gun Kelly is the latest celeb to be interviewed by Martin Brundle — and just like most of MOTS stop-and-chats go … this one was equally awkward, if not more hilarious.

The rocker/rapper was out in Sao Paolo Sunday to take in all the race cars zipping by for the Brazil Grand Prix — and per usual, Brundle — the famous driver-turned-broadcaster — was out there doing his thing for Sky Sports F1 … walking the grid and looking for stars to talk to.

Machine Gun Kelly poses for a photo with the Red Bull Racing team

Eventually, he tracked down MGK and attempted to chat him up impromptu … and it kinda went the way his other interviews go — very clunky and a little embarrassing for everybody.

Watch for yourself … it’s clear that Kels and MB weren’t really on the same page, as it appears he couldn’t quite hear Martin with all the noise going on around him. However, the questions he did hear … he answered a bit oddly, which made for some great laughs.

This one definitely turns as hostile as some of Martin’s other interviews — sometimes, the dude gets straight-up snubbed by A-listers — but it’s unclear if he got what he wanted out of MGK.

It still made for some good TV, though … and just goes to show, F1 is growing ever popular. Keep these coming, Marty — H’wood loves ya, even if they have a funny way of showing it.

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