Marilyn Manson Turned Himself In for Alleged Spitting Incident, Released

Marilyn Manson Turned Himself In for Alleged Spitting Incident, Released


Marilyn Manson‘s no longer a fugitive from the law in New Hampshire — he turned himself in for an alleged concert spitting incident in 2019, was booked, and was released.

As we told you … the shock rocker’s facing 2 counts of misdemeanor simple assault for an alleged run-in with a videographer at a show at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in August 2019.

Authorities first issued the arrest warrant in October 2019, but back in May said he had been dodging them. His legal team disputed that, claiming Manson had been in contact with cops since the warrant was issued.

Either way, the Gilford PD in N.H. tells TMZ … Manson turned himself in to law enforcement in L.A. last Friday for the alleged concert acts, and was released on personal recognizance bail.

He has now been released under the conditions that he won’t commit any crimes while on release, won’t have any contact with the alleged victim, and will appear at all of his court hearings.

As we told you … video from the concert shows Manson sticking his face right in the camera lens, and unloading a huge wad of spit. Gilford PD told us the alleged victim suffered “no injuries,” but Manson was charged because the spitting constitutes “unprivileged physical contact.”

Of course, this is far from the musician’s only legal issue right now. He’s also been sued by 4 women for sexual assault in the past few months.

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