Monica Lewinsky Dragged for Invoking Clintons Amid HBO Max Intern Flub

Monica Lewinsky Dragged for Invoking Clintons Amid HBO Max Intern Flub


Monica Lewinsky — the most famous intern of all time — tried getting in on the fun over HBO’s own intern screwing the pooch, but people are pissed because … the Clintons.

The onetime White House aide, who was embroiled in a salacious affair with then-President Bill Clinton, tweeted out a “Dear Intern” message of her own … this as scores of people did the same to console an anonymous HBO Max intern, who’d gone viral for the wrong reasons.

ICYMI … a strange email was sent to a ton of HBO Max subscribers earlier this week — which read, “This template is used by integration tests only” … which many took as a mistake, perhaps at the hands of a newbie who made an error and hit the wrong button.

HBO Max came out and confirmed that was, in fact, the case … saying they were “helping them through it” — so no harm, no foul it seems.

Folks chimed in with “Dear Intern” notes, giving the HBO intern advice … while also reflecting on their own intern snafus. Monica did the same — writing … “dear intern: it gets better. P.S.: don’t wear a beret for a while, k?” Pretty funny, right?? WRONG!!!! Or so says Twitter, anyway.

Different users dogpiled ML for what they perceived as her making herself out to be the victim of a saga that’s more than 20 years old at this point … and not just that, but indirectly roping Hillary into the conversation — which some take as subtle shade on Monica’s part.

While scores of people defended HRC and the Clinton family at large against the seemingly innocent joke — others were quick to point out that the anger aimed at her is misguided and totally misdirected … as they say she WAS a victim, and the true culprit is … Bubba.

Indeed, that age-old debate rages on even today — but one thing is certainly clear from all this … lightheartedness and humor is all but gone in 2021. Keep your thoughts to yourself.

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