Mrs Hinch left ‘shaking’ after noticing her celeb crush follows her on Instagram

Mrs Hinch left ‘shaking’ after noticing her celeb crush follows her on Instagram


She has millions of social media followers, has published two books and is even launching her own range of cleaning products.

But when Sophie Hinchliffe – more famously known as Mrs Hinch – spotted that her celebrity crush was following her on Instagram she was left "shaking".

Mrs Hinch keeps her fans entertained with her cleaning tips and has a celeb BFF of her own – Stacey Solomon.

But the super successful mum-of-one couldn't keep her cool when her boyboand crush sent her a direct message.

Mrs Hinch had posted a light-hearted video to her Instagram stories, singing along to a Blue song whilst she got on with her daily chores.

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Alongside the video she asked her 3.2million followers: "Who's your celeb crush? Mine is Lee from Blue, I wonder if he likes my washing machine drawer.”

And, it wasn't long before she realised her crush was actually following her.

When she noticed, she posted another video saying: "I have gone so red… Lee from Blue follows me and I don't know why I didn't see this before. I think I was following a fan page!

"And I feel hot, if you see this, ‘Hi, I'm Mrs Hinch, I don't normally look like this!’ I can't even talk!"

But, her excitement doubled when she realised he had actually messaged her back in January when she posted the videos.

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His message read: "Everyone is sending me that video you posted".

Mrs Hinch couldn't wait to share the news with her fans – or reply to Lee.

She: "Oh my gosh! I can't believe I missed your message! I was following a fan account not you real account!

"But hi I'm Mrs Hinch and just think you're fab!

"And you have an amazing voice. Ps: I had a poster of Blue on my bedroom wall for four years! And I drew a heart around your face all the best! Xxx."

She then took to her Instagram stories again telling everyone: "Erm, it's now come up as seen! He's seen my message!

"What is wrong with me? Jamie is cracking up, I'm literally shaking, I've had Lee on my wall for 30 years, I keep dribbling!"

And when Lee sent her a video message which said: "Amazing, so happy, thank you so much and yeah, yeah, wow. I feel privileged. Go on Mrs Hinch!"

Safe to say she was over the moon.

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