‘Never again!’ Stacey Solomon bans Joe Swash from set of BBC show

‘Never again!’ Stacey Solomon bans Joe Swash from set of BBC show


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Stacey Solomon, 32, made it very clear that her fiancé Joe Swash, is never again to step foot on set of her BBC show Sort Your Life Out, after he ended up buying some of the clutter she was helping to get rid of. The Loose Women panellist was mortified when Joe turned up at the warehouse where she had laid out the participant’s items ready to sell, and began to make the couple offers on their gym equipment.

Joe came to help me at the warehouse and I can confirm he’s never allowed to come again

Stacey Solomon

Stacey teased the clip of the upcoming episode on her Instagram story, where she wrote the caption alongside a laughing face: “Joe came to help me at the warehouse and I can confirm he’s never allowed to come again”.

She could be heard saying: “Oh God, you’re here…” as she was knelt on the floor putting the final touches to her display.

Joe was stunned as he looked around at the amount of stuff on offer, replying: “You know what Stace, we could take so much of this home!”

A mortified Stacey, who is renowned on Instagram for her clutter-free home and ‘tap to tidy’ aesthetic, shook her head.

“We don’t need any of this stuff,” she stated before warning him: “Sort Your Life Out are coming to your shed next!”

But Joe wasn’t listening as something caught his eye.

“Oh look, a little bit of gym equipment! Do you use this?” he asked the couple, as he jumped on the home cross-trainer.

One of the participants revealed it was up for sale and the former I’m A Celebrity presenter was quick to make them an offer.

“I’ll do you £200 today,” he grinned as Stacey looked horrified.

“No you won’t!” she exclaimed before she was interrupted by the other participant who made Joe a counter-offer.

“£250 and it’s yours, I’ll throw in the power-plate for free,” she smiled.

“It’s got a power-plate!” Joe spun around as Stacey shrieked: “This isn’t coming home with us!”

Laying his final offer of £225 for both of them on the table, Stacey and Joe are now the proud owners of a cross-trainer and a power-plate, but the presenter was less than impressed with the purchase.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” she said as the clip came to an end.

“Sweet,” Joe grinned, as he grabbed her and planted a huge kiss on her cheek.

“You’re not having it,” she replied before the screen faded to black.

Following the clips, Stacey then shared a video from Wednesday evening, where she filmed herself asking Joe if he’d ever used to equipment since he bought it on the show, which was pre-filmed.

“Well, have you ever used it?” she asked, “The answer is no.”

Joe looked up from his phone as he smiled: “Not yet. We’ve had a baby!”

Stacey tutted as she interrupted: “I’ve and a baby! You can still go on the cross-trainer?

“You’re not getting away with that one,” she laughed.

Sort Your Life Out continues tonight at 8pm on BBC.

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