New ‘psychedelic medicine clinic’ offers ketamine therapy on Fifth Avenue

New ‘psychedelic medicine clinic’ offers ketamine therapy on Fifth Avenue


Is cannabis so five minutes ago?

At the same time Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop set are microdosing mushrooms, a company called Mindbloom is opening a “psychedelic medicine clinic” on Fifth Avenue to offer clients “guided ketamine therapy.”

The trippy sessions go for up to $250, and the firm says that after a “rigorous initial screening” — which includes a psychiatric evaluation — “qualifying clients are prescribed a program of ketamine therapy administered via sublingual tablet or intramuscular injection.

Mindbloom’s friendly, expert team offers coaching on how to set intentions and cultivate a receptive, expansive mindset for the introspective journey ahead.” (Sounds like something out of a Michel Gondry movie.) Apparently, “each session lasts approximately one hour and takes place in a private, spa-like setting.”

MA press release announcing the NYC location explains that ketamine is the only psychedelic medicine that can legally be prescribed in the US. The outfit, created by tech entrepreneur Dylan Beynon and overseen by Dr. Casey Paleos, says it’s planning locations in LA, San Diego, San Francisco and Austin.

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