Nia Sioux Is ‘Really Proud’ of ‘Dance Moms’ Co-Star JoJo Siwa After Coming Out

Nia Sioux Is ‘Really Proud’ of ‘Dance Moms’ Co-Star JoJo Siwa After Coming Out


Nia Sioux is reacting to her former Dance Moms co-star JoJo Siwa‘s coming out!

The 19-year-old opened up during a new interview, and expressed that she’s happy for her and really proud of her.

“I was so excited. It was very interesting because I didn’t see it at first. I think someone sent it to me, and I was like oh that’s so cute, and then I started reading the comments, because I did of course, myself, I didn’t get it at first,” Nia told Access Hollywood.

“Then I started reading comments, I was like oh my gosh, wait. I saw her brother commenting too, I was like oh my gosh!” she continued. “I saw that she has a girlfriend now too, so I’m like oh my goodness! I’m so happy for though.”

“I’m really proud of her because I’ve seen a lot um… I saw that like this one post and there was one woman, mother I guess, commenting on her stuff. It was like, ‘My child will never watch you again,’ and JoJo was like, ‘okay.’ I just love that JoJo did that because I think it’s such a great example for so many kids just being themselves,” she added.

“I think that it’s amazing, and I’m really, really proud of her. I’m really proud of her. I texted her, I was like, ‘Dude, I’m so proud of you,’ and she was like, ‘Thank you.’ So yeah, I haven’t seen her in a long time, but I’m really, really happy for her and she does look really happy,” Nia said.

If you missed it, JoJo just revealed who her girlfriend is!

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