Patrick Starrr Unveils First ONE/SIZE Collab – Disney ‘Fantasia’!

Patrick Starrr Unveils First ONE/SIZE Collab – Disney ‘Fantasia’!


Patrick Starrr and his ONE/SIZE Beauty company have unveiled their first collab, and it’s with Disney!!

If you know anything about the beauty YouTuber turned mogul, you know that he has been a Disney stan all of his life.

“✨Disney’s Magic has always inspired me to dream big. I hope this collection inspires you to reach for the stars. #DisneyFantasyAndOneSize,” he shared on Instagram.

Patrick worked closely alongside Disney for the products, and he will even be releasing a documentary later this week showing the process of creating the Disney Fantasia x ONE/SIZE collection.

Check out the product reveal video inside…

Included in the new collection are the Storybook Mickey Face & Eye Palette, the Bit of Magic Highlighter, the Point Made Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen, the Ultimate Mickey Puff, the Lip Snatcher Velvet Flex Cream & Cushion Gloss Lip Duo and the Versatile Complexion Brush.

“A little over two years ago, we launched the brand in 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, and today we are celebrating our first of firsts – a collaboration with Disney and ONE/SIZE, featuring the film Fantasia, and Mickey Mouse,” Patrick shared in his YouTube video.

“If you know, you know. Mickey Mouse, he’s been with me since I was so young, so to have him now, in my era of being a founder with this brand, is a dream come true,” he added.

Check out the video right here…

The collection is NOW up for sale on and on, as well as in Sephora stores!

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