President Joe Biden in Awe of Peoples Deep Affection for Queen Elizabeth

President Joe Biden in Awe of Peoples Deep Affection for Queen Elizabeth


The President of the United States tells British Prime Minister Liz Truss that he was ‘amazed and overwhelmed’ by the love shown by British people for the late monarch.

AceShowbizJoe Biden was astonished by the UK’s affection for Queen Elizabeth. The President of the United States felt honored to attend the late monarch’s state funeral on Monday (19.09.22) and two days later he met UK Prime Minister Liz Truss in New York at the UN General Assembly, where the two world leaders held their first formal talks.

“It was an honour for my wife and I to be able to pay our respects at her lying-in-state and attend the state funeral in London. I was amazed and overwhelmed by the affection of the British people and the world, quite frankly. Even the thousands of thousands of people who stayed all night just to pay their respects was enormous,” Biden told Truss.

Biden’s sentiments were echoed by Truss, who hailed the queen – who died aged 96 on September 8 – as “the rock on which modern Britain was built” while she referenced the “huge outpouring of affection for her” in the US and UK.

She added, “We’re very grateful for all the support you’ve given us over what has been two very difficult weeks in the United Kingdom as we move toward the reign of King Charles III and we enter a new era. As you say Mr. President, we are steadfast allies.”

Biden also pointed to the close relationship between the US and UK while also warning he would intervene in Britain’s dispute with the EU over Northern Ireland in a post-Brexit world. He said, “There is no issue that I can think of, of global consequence, where the US and UK are not working in cooperation and I expect we’ll be able to continue to do that.”

And he later added, “We both are committed to protecting the gains of the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland and I’m looking forward to hearing what’s on your mind and how we can continue to cooperate.”

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