Prince Philip left his £30 million to his widow, his grandkids & his loyal aides

Prince Philip left his £30 million to his widow, his grandkids & his loyal aides


When Prince Philip was just a kid, he ended up coming to the UK to be looked after by Lord Mountbatten, in between being shuffled around to various other relatives. He was called the “pauper prince” because he had to rely on the kindness and financial backing of his extended family. I would imagine that Lord Mountbatten left him money, and maybe Philip received inheritances from other relatives over the years. But I have no idea how Philip apparently accumulated a personal estate worth £30 million? Seriously, how? After his naval career, he never drew a salary. How didn’t have a personal art collection or anything like that? WTF? Anyway, the Mail says that his will splits up his personal fortune among his widow, kids, grandkids and loyal aides.

Prince Philip left financial gifts to three senior aides in his estimated £30million will before his death aged 99 six weeks ago, a royal source claimed today. The Duke of Edinburgh is thought to have rewarded his private secretary Brigadier Archie Miller-Bakewell and pages William Henderson and Stephen Niedojadlo. The trio were among a group of six aides who walked behind senior Royal Family members and Philip’s coffin for his funeral procession at Windsor Castle on April 17. But none of the men could attend the service itself inside St George’s Chapel because national Covid-19 restrictions limited the number of mourners to 30.

Most of Philip’s estate is thought to have gone to the Queen – while money to his grandchildren would have been ‘sorted out quite a while ago’, it was reported. It means Prince Harry could be set to receive some cash despite launching a series of fierce attacks on the Royal Family in his ‘truth bomb’ interviews in recent months.

A source close to Buckingham Palace told the Sun: ‘Unlike some other royals, Prince Philip will be generous to the three men who looked after him. These include his private secretary Brigadier Archie Miller Bakewell, his page William Henderson and Stephen Niedojadlo.’

They added: ‘Philip was not the sort of character to punish a grandson [Harry] for misbehaving. He was a very fair, even-handed and lovely man. Never held a grudge.’

The source also said that Philip’s children – Charles, Anne, Edward and Andrew – were told they can ‘take what they want’ from his library of 13,000 books at the palace.

Brigadier Miller-Bakewell headed a small team of loyal staff that followed Philip’s coffin last month, in recognition of his years of devotion.

[From The Daily Mail]

The fact that Philip would leave money to his personal aides isn’t surprising – that’s what many wealthy people do, it’s that noblesse oblige thing of wanting to “reward” peasants for decades of service. I have no idea why the Mail is making such a big deal about that, especially given that we have no idea how Philip accrued roughly $42 million over his lifetime! As for the idea that he would leave some money to his grandkids… the way they make it sound, it’s like he possibly set up trusts for his grandkids when they were born. That’s just my assumption, I have nothing to back that up. But “sorted out quite a while ago” makes me think that he set up those trusts years ago. And that he probably didn’t leave much to his great-grandkids. Now I want to know who gets all of those UFO books.

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