Scott Disick Is "Still So Upset" Over Kravis' Engagement and He's Leaning on Kim

Scott Disick Is "Still So Upset" Over Kravis' Engagement and He's Leaning on Kim


Scott Disick is still having a super hard time processing Kourtney Kardashian’s recent engagement to Travis Barker. Travis proposed to Kourtney back in October after about a year of dating, and two months later Scott is “still so upset” about the engagement.

A source tells People that the Talentless founder and reality star has been “doing the best he can but it’s been a very difficult time for him,” adding that “he’s looking for support right now.”

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Scott and Kourtney obviously have a lot of history, and Scott is super close to the Kardashian family as a result. And apparently, he’s been leaning on Kim during this tough time, with a source saying his feelings on Kravis are “a big reason” that he’s been spending time with her and that “she’s been a good ear for [Scott] and she understands.”

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A source previously noted that Scott “knows he has to lean into the discomfort and get past it” and that he “understands that it’s not Kourtney’s job or Travis’s job to make him okay with this. It’s his job, and if he’s going to co-parent with Kourtney, which he has been, he has to process this and make his peace with it.”

That said, he’s been distancing himself from the family” as a way to process everything: “It’s not about them, it’s not about Kourtney. It’s about him needing some time to process this and deal with it on his own, without them. He’ll come around soon.”

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