Sky News’ Jacquie Beltrao debuts her real hair weeks after cancer-free scan ‘Huge day!’

Sky News’ Jacquie Beltrao debuts her real hair weeks after cancer-free scan ‘Huge day!’


Jacquie Beltrao ready to report from Wembley for Euro final

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Sky News presenter Jacquie Beltrao has shared a huge update with her followers on Twitter. She debuted a new look with her hair as she explained it has been growing back following her latest clear cancer scan.

Jacquie posted a video of her new look while hosting on Sky News this morning as she shared the update on her stage 4 breast cancer.

In view of her 83,000 followers, she can be seen presenting outside Wembley ahead of the Euros final tonight.

She said: “Morning, very happy to be live here at Wembley on the big day.

“Big day for me as well, I’ve got my hair out, my actual own hair.

“I mean it’s all different lengths and mad so I’ve managed to scrape it into a bun.

“Probably a bit severe, Stephen Dixon says my forehead’s too big to be wearing my hair like this.

“But this is my hair! Step forward.”

Alongside the video, she wrote: “MY HAIR #ItsComingHome.

“Finally it’s out in public on its own – it’s a huge day !

“(No fake parting just a small extension to make a decent bun)

“It’s still not long enough for a proper haircut but soon… #cancer #anotherstepforward #fakeittilyoumakeit #soundon.”

Following her post, the star was inundated with support from viewers.

One wrote: “You look fabulous and I’m really pleased you’re doing so brilliantly! Good health and joy to you!”

Another penned: “It’s great to see you being so honest. You’ve been through so much, it has its toll, why hide it?

“The fact that you’ve just carried on is something else. You look great.”

“You look amazing @SkyJacquie it is a wonderful feeling when you own hair starts to grow back again #KeepGoing,” replied a third.

Back at the end of June, Jacquie posted a video telling fans she had received a clear scan.

Smiling for the camera, she held up a sign which read: “No evidence of cancer!”

She explained to her followers: “I know it’s not forever but I’m going to take it for now.

“A bit of good news at last and I’m so happy!”

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