Team USA's Erik Shoji Shows Off Food At Olympics, No Fyre Fest Here!

Team USA's Erik Shoji Shows Off Food At Olympics, No Fyre Fest Here!


Olympic athletes are gonna eat GOOOOOD during the Tokyo Games … ’cause USA volleyball player Erik Shoji gave an official taste test at one of the dining halls this week — and it looks delicious!!

Of course, Shoji is staying in the Olympic Village … and says he has two dining options — main and casual.

For Tuesday’s dinner, Shoji picked casual — which is all Japanese food — and shared his experience on TikTok … warning viewers, “watching me eat is CRINGE.”

Shoji stuffs his face with teriyaki beef, grilled pork, seasoned corn, okonomiyaki, somen salad and fruit for dessert … giving a big thumbs up to each course of his meal.

“It’s pretty good!!!” Shoji says as he scarfs down the grub.

No word on how good the “main” option is — but we’re sure it’s full of American favorites to help the athletes feel at home.

It’s a huge sigh of relief to know the athletes don’t have a Fyre Fest situation on their hands — remember the “sandwiches” staff were left eating during that crap show??

The 31-year-old also gave Olympics fans a tour of where he’s staying during the Games — “This is our little living room. Kinda small,” Shoji says. “But, the best part is our balcony view!”

There’s also a fridge, microwave and snacks — but no stove.

But, with OV dining like that … who needs to cook?!

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