Texas Driver Charged In Deaths Of 2 Children He Let Ride In Backhoe Bucket

Texas Driver Charged In Deaths Of 2 Children He Let Ride In Backhoe Bucket


We cannot imagine how horrifying this must have been!

A Texas man has been charged with manslaughter this week after two children fell from a backhoe bucket and were fatally run over by the vehicle.

Vijender Chauhan had allegedly been operating a John Deere backhoe on Saturday while several children and adults were on board various parts of the machinery. At some point, two of the kids — a 7-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy — were dumped out of the front bucket and onto the ground while the digger was still in motion.

The pair were run over and later pronounced dead outside of their home in the Denton County area, according to People. The Texas Department of Public Safety said of the incident:

“Preliminary investigation indicates a John Deere backhoe was traveling southwest on Chapel Hill Court with multiple children and adults riding on various moving parts of the backhoe. While in motion, the driver of the backhoe operated equipment causing the front bucket to dump, and occupants riding in the bucket fell to the ground.”

Two other children suffered some injuries and were treated at a local hospital. An adult also had been taken to a trauma center with serious injuries. As of right now, there are no updates on the conditions of the three people. The 40-year-old driver had not been injured in the moment as well.

A spokesperson from Trinity Valley School, Ashley Robinson, spoke to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about the two youths who had passed away, confirming they had attended the private school in Fort Worth.

“It is difficult to find the words to express the sorrow we all feel for the loss of our young students. Teachers, coaches, and administrators have provided opportunities for students to navigate their grief or to find solace in play or routine. We will continue to support our students in the days and weeks to come.”

Authorities have yet to confirm the relationship between the two kids and the man. He had been booked into the Denton County Jail on Sunday and later released on a $280,000 bond, the Denton Record-Chronicle reported. Chauhan faces two counts of manslaughter, three counts of endangering a child, and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The investigation is still ongoing.

Ugh, so sad… Our hearts go out to the family of the two little ones during this difficult time.

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