The House & Senate have adjourned, Donald Trump will not be impeached

The House & Senate have adjourned, Donald Trump will not be impeached


I get a lot of my political updates from Memeorandum, which is simply an aggregating site for all of the trending news stories from all different news outlets. At the moment, there are easily a hundred links to news articles, op-ed columns and editorial commentary pieces about how Republicans know that the Capitol terrorist attack was a really big deal, that for real this time, they’re really going to do something about Donald Trump and his terrorist supporters, that even people around Trump know that this sh-t has reached the peak of fascist bullsh-t. I actually had a moment where I was like “maybe now Republicans realize that Trump will set them on fire too, maybe they’ll actually do something.” Nope. There will be no impeachment today. Or tomorrow. Or Monday. Or for the rest of Trump’s term.

The Senate has adjourned until Jan. 19.

Surreal cap to yesterday.

— Jennifer Bendery (@jbendery) January 7, 2021

What the actual f–k. One point I’ll make is that it wouldn’t surprise me if some congresspeople (like, say, Nancy Pelosi) are actually quite traumatized by what happened during the coup, and they simply need some time to process it and spend time with their families. Like, I get that and we shouldn’t discount it – these are real people who were really targeted by terrorists. There were senators and congressmen taking cover under benches and hiding in office closets, worried that they and their staffers were about to die. They were calling their families to say goodbye. The trauma is real and we should be able to talk about it and deal with it. But I also think that maybe one of the best ways to deal with the trauma would be to get that f–king terrorist out of the White House right now, TODAY.

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