Tristan Thompson Recovering From Nasty Case Of COVID, Says He Had 'ALL The Symptoms'

Tristan Thompson Recovering From Nasty Case Of COVID, Says He Had 'ALL The Symptoms'


If you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians and their behavior throughout the pandemic, you probably wouldn’t be surprised if all of them contracted coronavirus. After all, they consistently have been throwing parties, going on vacation, and otherwise not respecting safety regulations on a grand, public scale.

Still it’s awful when anyone gets the virus and especially when it hits them particularly hard. That’s just what happened to Khloé Kardashian‘s baby daddy (and possibly fiancé) Tristan Thompson.

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Sports fans may have noticed he’s missed 13 games with his new team, the Boston Celtics, starting in mid-March. The NBA listed the center-forward as being on the injury report due to “health and safety protocols” but doesn’t comment further to protect players’ privacy as it may not necessarily mean they contracted the virus.

For instance his close contact with a confirmed positive case (named Khloé) a few months ago caused him to miss one game as well.

However, Tristan himself revealed to MassLive this week that this wasn’t just a better safe than sorry exposure situation — he full on got the virus this time. In fact, he had the full COVID-19 experience, getting quite sick. He revealed:

“When I had COVID, I had a bit of all the symptoms.”

He quipped:

“At least I kept my taste and smell so I can enjoy my food but that s**t was no joke.”

Finally, he said the exact thing we hoped he would:

“So, definitely going to get the vaccine when I’m eligible to get it.”

Yes! Far too many folks are still hesitant to get the vaccine, thanks largely to either mistrust of the government or too much trust in certain former government officials who we won’t mention by name but who may have said during their neverending Presidential rallies that the virus wasn’t nearly as bad as it seemed or that it was even a hoax.

So it’s nice when celebs promote making healthy, common sense choices, especially when they’re speaking from experience.

After getting out of quarantine about a week ago, Tristan had to work hard to get back up to the level of conditioning he needed to play. He explained:

“For me the biggest thing was the wind and just being out there with the feel of a 5-on-5 setting with your teammates.”

Obviously this wasn’t Tristan’s first brush with corona. Khloé famously got the virus last year as well, and it knocked her on her butt as well.

The more palatable parts of the sickness were chronicled on KUWTK, though in the later days that means the Good American founder was letting a camera crew into the room with her, which seems less than advisable.

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