TV chef Tom Kerridge, 49, in ‘chaotic’ drinking days admission

TV chef Tom Kerridge, 49, in ‘chaotic’ drinking days admission


Tom Kerridge says hospitality is ‘up against it’

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Tom Kerridge, 49, has become a national sensation in the culinary world thanks to his appearances on shows like The Great British Menu. However, the star admitted that 10 years ago, he was living a lifestyle of “chaos and mayhem” and had already drunk “75 years’ worth of alcohol”. 

The chef recently revealed that he has given up drinking completely, as he knew he couldn’t handle just cutting down a bit. 

Tom said he knows “there’s no such thing as a glass of wine or a beer.

“There never was.”

Instead, the chef claimed drinking for him was a “release of chaos and mayhem”. 

Tom decided to become completely sober when he turned 40.

He explained his mindset by revealing: “The way I view it is that if you live to 75 years old, you’ve got that amount of booze that you can drink until you’re 75. 

“I did it all by the age of 40.

However, he still finds himself in the presence of alcohol due to his work, but he doesn’t seem to mind. 

Speaking on the Stompcast podcast, Tom revealed: “It was massively a part of my life, and still is. 

“I own pubs, I sell it and I’m passionate about people who make it. It’s not something that I know I can be a part of.”

He admitted he does miss drinking, although not for the reasons people may think. 

Tom revealed: “Sometimes I feel that I’ve let myself down that I can’t enjoy a glass of wine on holiday, or a gin and tonic watching the sunset, or a beer with the boys at football.

“I just can’t do it because everything I do is quite excessive.”

The chef has also struggled with his weight in the past and had been diagnosed as clinically obese when he was 40. 

At his heaviest, the TV chef reportedly weighed 30 stone. 

It wasn’t just drinking that the star gave up when he turned 40, as he also went on to lose an incredible 12 stone in five years. 

Tom cut down on carbs and followed a dopamine diet, explaining to The Mirror in 2017 that it would be unrealistic to expect to keep the weight off if he didn’t enjoy his lifestyle. 

He said: “It’s impossible to lose weight and keep the weight off for good if you don’t enjoy what you’re eating.”

Tom also utilised his own personal set of skills to help create more variety in the world of low-calorie dishes. 

“The NHS offers really sound advice about how to lose weight so I’ve taken this as the starting point for creating delicious low-calorie dishes people will want to eat every day.”

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