Twitter Is Thristing After… Prince William?? See The Pic HERE!

Twitter Is Thristing After… Prince William?? See The Pic HERE!


Who knew Kate Middleton‘s man had it like this?!

Prince William has been hiding a BOD from us this whole time, y’all!

Underneath his stuffy royal family get-up and clouded by his quintessentially British stiff upper lip demeanor, the 38-year-old Duke of Cambridge is apparently swole! At least judging by this new picture!!!

Very early Thursday morning, the proud poppa revealed he’d received his first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and thanked the health officials, doctors, nurses, and others who have worked endlessly to roll out the shots. As you can see (below), Prince William was all business when it came time to roll up his sleeves and do his part in being administered the vaccine. But there was also one BIG surprise: his ripped right arm!

Amazing! Welcome to the freakin’ gun show, ya know?! Who knew this royal was so fit?? He doesn’t necessarily look it under his perfectly professional suits and modest clothes during public appearances! But he’s PACKIN’!

We weren’t the only ones surprised by this swole stud, either! You could’ve probably guessed, Twitter went CRAZY in response, chattering away about William’s big ol’ biceps (below):

“Proud of Prince William but can we talk about his toned arm?”

“Check out the guns on The Duke”

“Oh hello it’s the Prince William GUN SHOW.”

“does Prince William have nice arms or have I been in lockdown too long”

“Congrats! Taking your top off would’ve been better, I mean easier, for the nurses…”

“Good morning to Prince William’s arms and Prince William’s arms ONLY”


Others argued this is just par for the course for the royal:

“Is everyone really just realizing now that Prince William is ripped?? That man has ALWAYS made tight sweaters look good and then there is what his leg muscles look like in shorts!”

Oh! Ummm, OK then! Some Twitter users acknowledged the arm, but found reasons to still resist:

“prince william can work out all he wants… we can talk once he gets some bosley.”


And still others found entirely different things about which to be turned on:

“i’m more impressed how prince william got that entire long sleeve to shove all the way to his shoulder”

That’s actually not a bad point! Ha!

What do U make of William’s shockingly buff bod, Perezcious readers?? Were you surprised to see it when he rolled up his sleeve or did you know the doting dad was hiding this secret the whole time?! Sound OFF with your reaction on everything down in the comments (below)!

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