UFC's Felice Herrig Gets In Vegas Street Fight Over A Penny

UFC's Felice Herrig Gets In Vegas Street Fight Over A Penny


UFC fighter Felice Herrig is giving TMZ Sports a blow-by-blow of her bloody Vegas street fight … and she tells us the whole thing started over a penny.

35-year-old Herrig –the #12 ranked strawweight — was in Sin City for UFC 246 … when her night out on the town started to resemble her day job.

Herrig was walking with a friend between two casinos when a woman halted foot traffic to retrieve the cent.

“I was just like, ‘Dude it’s just a penny,’” Herrig told us. “And then I thought it was over and I was walking out with my friend, Kim, and she comes up from behind me and she was like, ‘It was on heads!’”

The penny-pincher declined Herrig’s request to get out of her face.

“So, I kind of shoulder bumped her to kind of let her know to go away, and she came at me,” Herrig tells us. “She punched me in the nose. I just remember punching her two times back.”

Herrig wasn’t seriously hurt … but did have her nose busted. Luckily for the woman who allegedly started beef with Felice … she wasn’t badly hurt either.

“I wanted to double-leg her, but I’m still recovering from my ACL injury,” Herrig tells us.

Felice says she doesn’t go out in public looking for fights, but she had a message for anyone else looking to start with her.

“Talk sh*t, get hit.”

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