Vanessa Feltz details what she wants in ‘Mr Right’ after Ben split

Vanessa Feltz details what she wants in ‘Mr Right’ after Ben split


Vanessa Feltz asks This Morning viewers for advice on heartbreak

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Vanessa Feltz’s world was turned upside down when she split from fiancé Ben Ofoedu after discovering that he had been unfaithful. Despite being “engulfed in sadness and disappointment” following the separation, the This Morning regular has not given up hope that she will get her “happily ever after”.

In an exclusive interview with, Vanessa, 61, said she still wants “to find Mr Right”.

Laying out some of the qualities that she is looking for in her dream man, the TalkTV host candidly explained: “Someone kind, honest and truthful, that’s all I’m looking for, and with a healthy intellectual curiosity about the world.”

Phats and Small singer Ben is 11 years younger than his former fiancée, but Vanessa says she is open to a new partner closer to her own age.

She continued: “No limits [for age], I don’t know, a similar age to me I suppose.

“But if I could find somebody kind, decent, honest, truthful and with a healthy intellectual curiosity about the world, it would be a revelation.”

It has now been one month since Vanessa announced her shock split.

Discussing how she is doing now, the mother-of-two says she is still “engulfed in sadness and disappointment”, but vows not to “waste time being miserable”.

She said: “I can’t just sit there listening to sad music eating loads of cake and ice cream, even if that is what I really feel like doing. I just think, once I do that, that way madness and misery lie.

“I do believe in sort of faking it until you make it and walking the walk.

“I’m trying to put my brightest dress on rather than the most sombre, and hanging out with people who are really going to make me laugh.

“What I don’t want to do is squander a single day of my life to total sadness if I can think of any other way of using it.”

Vanessa also gave thanks to the women in her life who have been the “lifeline that keeps you afloat when you think you might be going under”.

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She gushed: “Other women have been so amazing to me, both the ones I don’t know who have reached out to me on Instagram, literally hundreds of thousands of them, just sharing stories, giving support, encouragement – it’s absolutely incredible.

“And also of course the ones I do know, my actual friends and my family, my daughters, also lots of showbiz women that I have worked with over the years who have taken the time to send messages and actually be there for me.”

Vanessa now hopes to offer support to other women as she judges the Pour Moi Uplifting Women Awards 2023.

With nominations now open, the awards will recognise the incredible achievements of women across the UK in five different categories.

The winners of each category will be announced in May and they will receive a £5,000 cash prize and £500 worth of Pour Moi vouchers.

Vanessa said she is “absolutely delighted and thrilled” to be judging the awards because “it is all about bigging up women”.

She added: “It’s so important for me to participate in the awards because I’m delighted to be associated with anything that promotes women.”

Nominations for the Pour Moi Uplifting Women Awards are open until Wednesday, April 5. Find out more here.

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