12 best Valentine's Day DIY meal kits you can cook from home including Pizza Express and TGI Fridays

12 best Valentine's Day DIY meal kits you can cook from home including Pizza Express and TGI Fridays


WHY not treat your loved one to a slap up meal at home from their favourite restaurant this Valentine's Day?

We’ve rounded up 12 of the best DIY food kits that cost under £40 – and they can be delivered straight to your door.

As well as popular chains like Pizza Express and TGI Fridays, now known as just Fridays, we’ve also included smaller, independent restaurants.

You should note that the majority of the main meals we’ve featured aren’t pre-cooked, so it won’t be like ordering a takeaway.

Instead, you’ll need to get stuck in and cook the food yourself – but this could be a great way to put in extra effort for your loved one.

You're also paying a premium for having all the ingredients sent to you, so keep in mind you could save money by going to the supermarket and picking up individual products yourself.

We've included companies that are selling both mains, afternoon teas and even brunches for Valentine's Day.

But before you order, you’ll want to check delivery times carefully to make sure your food arrives in time for the big day.

If in doubt, contact the company directly first.

In case you’ve forgotten, Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, February 14.

1. TGI Fridays – £25

  • Make your own BBQ ribs, glazed burgers or chicken sesame strips – buy now


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TGI Fridays, now known as just Fridays, offers several DIY meal kits that cost £25 each through the Great Food 2 U website.

Options include BBQ ribs, glazed burgers and chicken sesame strips, with each kit serving two people.

Each meal box contains all the ingredients and herbs you need to cook your food, as well as instructions to follow.

There are options for four people too, but these kits are priced at £40.

On the Fridays website, it says you need to order by 2pm on Wednesday for Saturday delivery.

There is a hefty delivery charge to take into account though, which is £6.95 and an additional £2 surcharge for delivery on Saturdays.

2. Pizza Express – £14

  • Make your own margherita or American Hot pizzas – buy now

Great Food 2 U also offers DIY meal kits from Pizza Express, starting from £14 for two people.

For this price, you can order one box with ingredients to make one two margherita pizzas.

There is also the option to make one margherita pizza and one American Hot pizza for £15, or two American Hot pizzas for £16.

Margherita is cheese and tomato, while the American Hot is topped with pepperoni and hot green peppers.

On the Great Food 2 U website, it says the boxes are delivered on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

We'd recommend ordering sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

Like the Fridays boxes, you'll pay £6.95 for delivery and an additional £2 surcharge for Saturdays.

3. Honest Burger – £30

  • Make your own burgers – buy now

Honest Burger has restaurants in London, Cardiff, Manchester and more, but their burger kits are available for delivery nationwide.

These cost £30, plus £6 delivery, and come with everything you need to make their signature Honest Burger from home.

The kit includes four chuck steak and rib patties, cheese, bacon rasher and burger buns.

You'll also get onion relish, pickles, salt seasoning and a tote bag.

On its website, Honest Burger says if you order today, February 9, you should get your kit by this Friday, February 12.

Other kits your can purchase from Honest Burger include its Tribute Burger and their Plant Based Burger.

4. Patty and Bun – £15

  • Make your own burgers – buy now


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Burger chain Patty and Bun has both meaty and vegan DIY kits available on its website.

Priced at £15 each for two people, the meat box contains two beef patties, bacon, buns, cheese and relish.

The vegan option comes with a plant-based patty "THIS isn't bacon" as an alternative.

On its website, Patty and Bun says you should order your DIY kit at least two days in advance from the date you're planning on eating it.

Patty and Bun has chains across London and Brighton.

5. Mother Clucker – £18

  • Make your own fried chicken strips, fried halloumi or chicken sandwich – buy now


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Fried chicken fans are in luck, as Mother Clucker is another brand that sells DIY food boxes through Great Food 2 U.

For two people, there are three kits that cost £18 each with options including make your own fried chicken strips, fried halloumi or fried chicken burgers.

On the Great Food 2 U website, it says delivery is every Friday so you should still have time to get an order in before Valentine's Day.

Like the Fridays and Pizza Express boxes, you'll pay £6.95 for delivery and an additional £2 surcharge for Saturdays.

6. Pizza Pilgrims – £30

  • Make your own margherita pizza and Aperol Spritz – buy now

This special Valentine's Day box from Pizza Pilgrims comes with everything you need to make two margherita pizzas and two Aperol Spritz.

You also get a Nutella ring for dessert.

Weekday shipping for this costs £5, with space still available for delivery this Wednesday (February 10) and Thursday (February 11).

Delivery for this Friday (February 12) and Saturday (February 13) is sold out.

7. Farmison – £38

  • Make your own Saffron tree curry – buy now

Make your own aromatic curry with the Farmison Indian dine in box, priced at £38.

This kit seems pretty hands on, so you'll probably need to be comfortable in the kitchen if you're considering buying one.

For this price, you'll get chicken breasts and diced chicken, plus the spices you need to create your curry.

Rice and the naan bread mix to create your accompanying bread is also included.

But delivery does cost extra and starts from £5.95 if you're spending under £40, or £7.95 for Saturday deliveries.

The website doesn't say when last orders for Valentine's Day need to be in by.

Farmison is an online butcher offering meat deliveries across the UK.

8. Morrisons – £30

  • Make your own three-course meal including steak main – buy now

Morrisons shoppers can celebrate Valentine's Day by ordering a food box from the supermarket for £30.

Unlike other boxes in this round-up, the Morrisons dine in deal includes three courses.

For starters, there are bread sticks and garlic and cream cheese mushrooms, followed by sirloin steak, chips an onion rings for the main.

The dessert is a brownie pudding and clotted cream.

If you'd bought all of the items individually at Morrisons, you'd spend £26 in total so you're not actually saving money with the box.

However, the £30 spend does include home delivery.

9. COOK – £16.49

  • Make your own lamb tangine – buy now

If you're not a whizz in the kitchen, frozen food provider COOK has several meal kits for two people with prices starting from £16.49.

Unlike the other dine in deals we've mentioned, these ones come ready made and can be heated up in the microwave.

The cheapest price is £16.49 for a lamb tangine meal for two, going up to £19.99 if you want dessert – which is a mango and passion fruit cheesecake – included.

COOK also has a beef Bourguignon meal kit for two for £22.24, or a beef wellington for two for £30.25.

You need to spend at least £40 to get home delivery from COOK, but as their food is frozen you can order multiple kits and stick one in the freezer for a later date.

It doesn't say on the COOK website when you need to order by for Valentine's Day.

10. Dirty Bones – £37

  • Make your own "Get Dirty" brunch – buy now

If you're planning a romantic brunch, you might want to check out the Get Dirty Valentine's Day kit from Dirty Bones.

This meal box, which costs £37 including delivery, features their signature "short rib crumpets" which are crumpets covered in strips of beef.

You also get condiments and toppings, including a spicy habanero sauce, as well as a 500ml pouch of Bloody Mary cocktail.

The only thing not included is eggs, so you'll need to buy these separately.

Again, as this is a DIY box, you'll need to make everything for your brunch from scratch.

Delivery for this limited edition product will be this Friday, February 12, so it arrives in time for the weekend.

Dirty Bones is a New York-inspired comfort food and cocktails chain in Kensington, Carnaby, Soho, Shoreditch and Oxford.

11. Piglets Pantry – £30

  • Make your own afternoon tea for two – buy now

Get an afternoon tea packed with traditional favourites from Piglets Pantry.

The selection contains both savoury and sweet teatime favourites, such as quiches, Scotch eggs and scones with clotted cream.

You also get four cakes for your afternoon tea, with flavours including carrot cake, blueberry, banana and lemon curd, chocolate chip and caramel drizzle.

Of course, depending on what you fancy, you could make your own afternoon tea cheaper by buying individual products from supermarkets.

This selection costs £30 but delivery is also an extra £5.95.

As Piglets Pantry doesn't say how long it takes for your afternoon tea box to arrive, we recommend asking if your food is likely to be delivered before Valentine's Day first before placing an order.

12. The Plattery – £25

  • Make your own meat and cheese platter – buy now

Sharing a food platter could be a romantic way to spend your Valentine's Day.

The one from The Plattery includes meats such as serrano ham, spicy chorizo and salami, while the cheese selection features brie, manchego and wensleydale.

You'll also get a choice of accompaniments including nuts, chilli jam and olives.

On its website, The Plattery says you should allow a minimum of three days delivery.

We'd recommend calling up first before you place an order to check they'll get your food to you in time for Sunday.

Delivery costs £9 during the week, or £15 for the weekend.

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