13 Best Moisturisers With SPF 2021 | The Sun UK

13 Best Moisturisers With SPF 2021 | The Sun UK


EVEN when it's cloudy, you should wear one of the best moisturisers with SPF on your face because sun damage even peeks through on the darkest days.

Not only does SPF (sun protection factor) act as a shield for sun damage-induced ageing, it can also help you even out your skin tone, and of course, most importantly, helps protect you from skin cancer.

Wearing sun cream as well as your moisturiser can leave your face feeling greasier than ever which is why many people prefer wearing a moisturiser with SPF already in the formula.

However, if you are planning on spending an extended amount of time soaking up the sun's rays, then you should always apply suncream as well as SPF moisturiser as the latter only really protects from UV exposure.

In short, being exposed to UV increases your risk of developing skin cancer, which is why an effective moisturiser that has SPF in is a vital skincare staple.

Whether your skin is oily, acne-prone or dry, there are creams containing specific ingredients that have been combined especially for your needs.

The amount of options out there can be overwhelming which is why we've decided to treat you to a roundup of the best moisturisers with SPF.

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