14 best mattress toppers for 2022 – from Simba, Emma, Dormeo and more | The Sun

14 best mattress toppers for 2022 – from Simba, Emma, Dormeo and more | The Sun


THE BEST mattress topper will protect your mattress and extend its life, while making it extra soft and comfortable for you to get a good night's kip – it's a win win.

But with a whole range of styles, including memory foam, goose down-filled, synthetic, cooling and more – it's hard to know what to choose and where to buy it – that's where we come in.

If your mattress has become a little uncomfortable try a mattress topper before you shell out a whole load of cash replacing the old mattress.

A topper is also a lot easier to clean than a mattress, and having that extra layer will keep the mattress much cleaner and more hygienic for longer.

However, if your mattress is uneven or has a dip in it, a mattress topper will not solve the problem – it’ll simply sink into the dips and you’ll still have an uneven, uncomfortable mattress.

If this sounds like your bed, you need to start again with a new mattress.

It goes without saying that you need to buy the same size mattress topper as your mattress – they are specific sizes with elasticated corners or strips that keep them snugly in place and can’t be scaled up like duvets.

Not sure where to start? We've rounded up the top 13 mattress toppers based on testing, customer reviews and our own expert opinions. Here's where to buy them.

What is a mattress topper?

A mattress topper is a slim mattress pad designed to add an extra layer of comfort on top of your mattress.

As well as adding comfort, it's intended to help protect the mattress – acting as a layer between you and the mattress.We tested: Simba Hybrid® Double Mattress Topper

We tested: Simba Hybrid Double Mattress Topper

  • Simba Hybrid® Double Mattress Topper, £226.85 (on sale) at Simba – buy here

Simba claim the Hybrid® topper can transform any mattress to be ultra-comfy using its trademark foam and springs combination.

Designed to give an instant boost to your mattress, the Hybrid® topper is soft, comfortable and supportive.

Plus, it won't slip around with the snug-fit straps and you can easily roll it up if you want to transport it.

With a breathable sleep surface (Simbatex air-flow layer) designed to let heat escape, you'll also stay nice and cool while you get your Z's.

We tested: Emma Flip Topper

  • Emma Flip Topper, £300 for a double at Emma Sleep – buy here

Pros: Very comfortable, supportive, adjustable firmness, suits all sleeping positions

Cons: May be warmer than your cooling mattress, might require deep-fitted sheets, pricey

The ever-popular Emma Sleep has brought out a flippable mattress topper and we decided to put it to the test.

After unboxing, the first thing we noticed was how thick and plush it felt.

It added a few extra centimetres (5cm, to be exact) to the height of our mattress, which meant the sheets struggled to fit and kept pinging off at the corners.

This is worth bearing in mind if you have a deep mattress as you might need to invest in some deep-fitted sheets.

The topper has a soft side and a firm side, we tried both and decided the soft side suited our sleeping styles better.

We found the topper comfortable no matter what position we were in and actually found it far more comfortable to sleep on our front with the topper than on the bare mattress.

However, we own a cooling mattress and did notice that the topper made it significantly warmer in bed. Though we're not sure we would have minded if we weren't in the middle of a heatwave during testing, we might even welcome it in the winter.

There's no denying the price is up there, though you'll be glad to know that it's regularly on sale at 50% off its RRP which makes it far more competitive.

If you manage to snap one up during a sale you'll be able to get a double for around £155 and you can save an extra 6% with our exclusive code 'THESUN' at checkout.

Overall we found the topper to be really supportive and it made the mattress far more comfortable.

We'd recommend it to those with an older or uncomfortable mattress, or those who are looking to prolong the life of their existing mattress.

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