15 pictures that show items designed by people with terrible taste

15 pictures that show items designed by people with terrible taste


Who thought that was a good idea? Creepy design fails that will only appeal to people with VERY niche taste, including a bed with toes

  • People from all over the world have shared perfect examples on bad taste 
  • Some said that even if items were not to everyone’s taste, were perfectly made 
  • Someone shared the disturbing picture of a bed with curled up toes at its end
  • Another shared a bedside table lamp made of a haunting taxidermy raccoon

There’s no accounting for taste, as the following collection of design fails, listed in this Bored Panda gallery, firmly attest. 

From a tea mug shaped like a toilet bowl to a bedside table lamp made out of a taxidermy raccoon wearing a dress, they will appeal to people from around the world with extremely niche tastes.  

While ‘each to their own’ certainly applies when it comes to rating these creations, it’s hard to see how eyeballs painted on nails, a floor made entirely of skulls and a bed that’s crafted to look like a pair of giant cream-coloured feet ever made it off the drawing board. 

Do you find these hilarious, or repulsive?

Toe-curling! Someone believed to be from Ukraine shared this picture of a bed designed with curled up toes at its end

Tea crimes: People have shared terrible examples of bad taste from all over the world. In the US, someone pointed out this cup of tea, designed to look like a toilet bowl

For an unknown reason, someone decided to create a park decor that looks like a Dachshund urinating  

Meanwhile in the US, someone spotted these cowboy boots shaped like two snakes in a shop. Any takers? 

Would you go for this manicure? A nail artist went to great trouble to perfectly paint this disturbing nail art 

Creepy! One person from the US shared this lamp made out of a stuffed raccoon wearing a dress

This floor made of miniature skulls puts the expression ‘walking on eggshells’ to shame

Matchy matchy: A man wearing a suit made of the fabric covering his bus seats went viral in Australia 

In the US, this fake flower which inexplicably included the head of a roaring lion is a little unnerving 

Some people from the US poked fun at this toilet paper dispenser shaped like a medieval knight 

Yikes! One person shared this terrifying snowman shaped after the hero from Stephan King’s It, the clown Pennywise 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this furry recreation of the Mona Lisa might leave more than one stunned for the wrong reasons 

In France, one person was horrified by this toilet bowl which was adorned like a china plate

Car-pet: This car has been decorated with a child’s race mat 

People poked fun at this chair made of piggy soft toys all glued together in a sun-shaped form 

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