4 Reliable Myers-Briggs Personality Types Who Make The Best Partners

4 Reliable Myers-Briggs Personality Types Who Make The Best Partners


There are so many potential characteristics an ideal partner can have. For some people, nothing’s more important than a quick wit, honesty, respect for personal space. But for others, the most important personality trait their ideal mate could possess is having their back, as well as their heart, at all times. In other words, someone who, no matter what comes their way, can be counted to be there for their partner. If that sounds like your ideal relationship, you may want to focus your romantic interest on the most reliable Myers-Briggs personality types.

These are the personality types who value balance, harmony, and loyalty in their relationships with others. They also have a steady temperament, so you always know who and what you’re going to get from moment to moment. They naturally become their partner’s safe place, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. If that’s what you’re looking for, add these reliable Myers-Briggs personality types to the top of your must-date list.

ESTJ (The Executive)

If reliability is important to you in a relationship, then look no future than an ESTJ. This personality type is highly organized and driven, and they bring this same level of steadiness, planning, and gravity to their relationships. They believe their partnerships are a team and there’s nothing they won’t do to have their teammate’s back. For this personality type, respect and mutual trust is everything and they believe in open, frank, and honest communication so you always know where you stand with this reliable personality.

ISTP (The Virtuoso)

ISTPs pride themselves on being steadfast and dependable partners. They’re all about finding balance in life and relationships, so they’re looking for a partner that’s both a lover and a best friend. While they’re fairly independent, this personality type does value having a partnership that respects boundaries and space, along with a mutual understanding that when the chips are down they’ll be there for one another at a moment’s notice. They’re also natural problem solvers, so they’re ready to dig in and help you get through whatever struggles you’re facing. In terms of this personality type’s temperament, they’re all about harmony and steadiness, so you can count on them not to be mercurial, go hot and cold, or play games with their partner’s emotions.

ESFJ (The Consul)

Like ISPS, ESFJs value harmony in their lives. To achieve this, they seek to keep things balanced and steady in all areas of their lives. They’re also highly romantic and enjoy more traditional relationships. They like to take things slowly and truly court the person they’re attracted to. This is a personality type you can count on to pick you up for the date, flowers in hand, open all your doors, and text you afterward just to let you know they had a great time and want to see you again. There’s no guessing game with ESFJs because they speak to whatever’s on their mind. After all, the way they see it, how else would they be able to achieve the stability they crave?

ISFJ (The Defender)

ISFJs are all heart. When they fall in love, they fall all the way. They tend to have crushes from afar that develop into friendship and, finally, love. And you couldn’t ask for a more loyal, steady, or considerate partner. This personality type’s more than willing to put in the work to create a balanced and secure connection with their partner. In turn, it will be one based on their consideration and observation of their partner’s needs and desires. ISFJs are very responsible, loyal, and empathetic. So, you can feel safe trusting them with your heart. Plus, they tend to avoid short-term or casual connections because what they’re really after is a partner for life.

While reliability may not be the first thing you notice about a potential new romantic partner, it can be the glue that holds you together during the relationship, through all the good and the bad. This is why these personality types just may might the right ones to trust your heart with for the long-haul.

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